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(Ed. note: Well, I guess that was an Ed. note – as is this… so I guess there are Ed. notes after all)

We were in Shanghai this weekend – first trip in this fall other than dentist, doctor, traveling. (Having said that, the initial purpose was to have Terry’s knee examined. She has had some difficulty with it, but thankfully it is just minor tendonitis.) As usual, we had a great time. While we were in Lhasa, we met a couple from New Zealand who teach at an international school in Shanghai so we met them for dinner at Ginger on Saturday evening. Nice to meet new people and have a good meal and drink good wine!

Before we get there, though check out this girl’s nails. She was on the train with us. The bows are three dimensional and VERY glittery.

These are NOT paste ons! -------  Riiiiight!

These are NOT paste ons! ——- Riiiiight!

Anyway, once again we had some wonderfully amusing experiences. We caught a cab to go somewhere and while we were stopped at a light we saw this fellow. Carefully check out his “rear view mirror”.

“开车?等到商业吗?” or "Drive? Wait till the commercial will ya?"

“开车?等到商业吗?” or “You want me to drive? Wait till the commercial will ya?”

Yes, it is a tv of some kind or other. Unbelievable.

Which car is going in which direction?

Love the traffic at our favourite corner - Huashan and Nanjing Road.

Love the traffic at our favourite corner – Huashan and Nanjing Road.

We came upon this accident on our long walk Sunday morning. We assume the truck backed into the bike rider with some force, given the state of the rear tire. The rider seemed to be okay – she was sitting up in the middle of the crowd. The interesting thing was the crowd of people in the middle of the street. It is like people have never seen an accident as it happens every time we see an accident (not often). They always seem to gather around “the victim”.

Check out that tire - and the pedestrian crowd.

Check out that tire – and the pedestrian crowd.

And finally this one. It takes some explanation. We often walk from our hotel to the French Concession area which has some fantastic restaurants. We take the very elaborate pedestrian walkway over Yan’An Road. If you look carefully you will see that there are 6 lanes going west. As we passed overhead, we hear, even for Shanghai, an awful lot of honking going on. As we looked down, the car in Lane 1 was waiting to make a left turn – quite a normal thing, don’t you think. However, Lane 1 is actually designed to go straight through while Lanes 2 and 3 are left turn lanes. Then, Lanes 4 and 5 go straight through and 6 is right turn. However, going in the opposite direction Lanes 1 and 2 go left, 3, 4 and 5 go straight and 6 goes right. Sporadically this occurs in Shanghai. How is one to know? Bizarre!

Lane 1 - straight through Lane 2 - left turn Lane 3 - left turn

Lane 1 – straight through
Lane 2 – left turn
Lane 3 – left turn

This photo is also a very common occurrence in Shanghai. I don’t know if it is because

  1. Chinese women carry purses which weigh 40 pounds or
  2. Young Chinese men are thrilled to have a young Chinese woman who has perhaps rejected an older rich Chinese man, so they will carry her purse no matter what or
  3. Chinese men like carrying purses so they find someone whose purse they can carry.
Can I carry your purse, please, please, please!

Can I carry your purse, please, please, please!

On our Sunday walk, we came upon this sculpture – a testament to modern China.

A tribute to modern day China - Caucasian man and Asian woman

The sculpture is called “Asian woman, Caucasian man: Face the Future Together”

Okay, we made that up, but it seems like it could be.

We stopped at Marks and Spencers for something for something to eat (and drink). We were there for 30 minutes and the entire time she was texting and the guy with her (his head his on her right and lolling against the chair) was sound asleep. Why else would you go to a restaurant?

"You sleep, Darling- I'll text."

“You sleep, Darling- I’ll just text.”

We have shown you photos of how the parents keep their kids contained before. This little guy’s parents were setting up their “stalls” – small tables in the subway hallways to sell their wares. The stuff comes out, he goes in.

Boy in a Box

Boy in a Box

We come across many blind Chinese Er-hu (Chinese two-string fiddle) players in our travels. Terry tells me that the blind have an incredibly developed sense of hearing. This guy was HIGHLY developed, since about 30 seconds after I dropped a 5 RMB note (85 cents) into his bucket from the great height of about 3 inches, he reached in and pulled it out. Blind, my ass!

"5 RMB? You take my picture and leave me a crummy 5RMB?"

“5 RMB? You take my picture and leave me a crummy 5RMB?”

How many WorkSafe regulations is the Paramount Hotel breaking here – laying down bedsheets on the carpets after they have been cleaned?

No, the weren't painting so they aren't drop sheets.

No, the weren’t painting so they aren’t drop sheets.

This is NOT the shoe of this blog. This is the shoe of Links (yes, Links – who can say), our friend who sells us our underwear. Her husband, a soldier in the Chinese army, does not approve of her choice of shoe – not good for her foot he says. However, although they were married in January of 2013 and the “wedding party” won’t actually occur until July 2014 and since she has only seen him twice since the marriage, I guess she can get away with wearing them. She puts them on at 10 am and takes them off at 10 pm and maintains that they are very comfortable the entire time. I would like to believe her, but…

12 hours - no problem.

12 hours – no problem.

Throughout Shanghai, you see many, many sculptures. Musicians, boys with pigeons on their arms, families in parks and all sorts of people lined up for the bus.

This is a series of statues of people waiting for the bus - can you spot the fraud?

This is a series of statues of people waiting for the bus – very cool, don’t you think?

This is the “line up” just to get ON the elevator to take them upstairs to the restaurant – God knows what it would be like once you got up there.

It MUST be a great restaurant

It MUST be a great restaurant

The Shoe

This woman was doing her grocery shopping. Despite the pixellation, I am sure that you can see that she could blind a snake with either the heel or the point of these babies.

Watch it buddy - I'll drive a stake through your heart.

Watch it buddy – I’ll drive a stake shoe through your heart.

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