Dribs, Drabs and Congrats

(Ed. note: Today’s blog is green in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Grey Cup victory. Congratulations to all you Watermelon Heads out there.)

As you have likely deduced, given the time between blogs, it has been a quiet week around Jiaxing. Not really much out of the ordinary. Terry’s inspection was this week – I shall let her tell you all about it. Even my week was almost incident free. But there were a couple of developments on the Ms Sourpuss (remember her?) front.

When we were in Shanghai 10 days ago, we were just leaving Starbucks at the Ritz-Carlton on Nanjing Road and who should we run into but Ms Sourpuss and her fella (and another woman). Her fella waved and said hi, as he always does and Ms S. had no other choice but to say hi as well. It would have been obviously very rude for her not to have done. Anyway, Monday morning and in to Starbucks she comes – and lo and behold it was as if Shanghai never happened – totally avoided eye contact and ignored me. It is to laugh. But the next morning when she came in I was in line and right in front of her. As I turned to go to the pickup counter our eyes met – and after I said Hi – she did too! PROGRESS! And to those of you who are wondering, it does appear that she is back with her guy – the poor bugger.

Also last week the “Boa/Feather” chandelier in Ken’s the guest room finally gave up the ghost and we asked Mr. Zhao if he could get it replaced with some kind of light that will enable Terry to see her clothes in the morning. He said he would come with a worker to see if it could be fixed. The last time they came, the worker managed to get 3 of the 9 small bulbs to work. I did not hold a lot of hope for success. Anyway, first he removed the two transformers from the light and went out and got one to replace them. No dice. Next step – check if there is electricity flowing through the lines.

Here is a photo of a very common instrument used in the electricity field,

Non-contact voltage tester with buzzer and led

Non-contact voltage tester with buzzer and LED

and here is the information which accompanies this item on the internet.

Note the country of origin

Note the country of origin

This item represents many items we have looked for in China. It is made here but, apparently, not available for purchase, since the following is how the worker tested the power to the chandelier.

Table lamp

Table lamp

  1. Turn a table lamp on.
  2. Unplug it and take it into the other bedroom.
  3. Climb up on to the two tables which serve as your ladder.
  4. Hold the exposed wires from the ceiling to the male ends of the lamp’s plug.
  5. Have Geoff (and he is standing well back at this point) turn on the chandelier light switch.
  6. Voilà – see that the table lamp does in fact come to life.
  7. You have now ascertained that the chandelier does indeed need replacing.

The next day Mr. Zhao sends the worker back with a replacement light. Now, Terry had said she would be happy with just a pole lamp and not to worry about an overhead one. No sirree Bob – no pole lamp for our principal.(Ed. note: Or accompanying dance for Geoff, either)

Left: Night View Right: Day View

Left: Night View
Right: Day View

It’s like getting dressed in the Army and Navy Department Store dressing room – and we STILL have the chandelier to look at.

I want to apologize to my Mom. She always told me that if would just eat more vegetables, I would get big and strong. It has taken until now, 62, living in China and eating vegetables on a regular, daily basis to see exactly what would have happened if I had listened to her 50 – 55 years ago. We have a small sink on our balcony next to the washing machine for hand washing.

The tap was dripping so I gave it a little extra push and, with my new found strength, snapped the steel lever right off! At least it isn't leaking anymore.

The tap was dripping so I gave it a little extra push and, with my new-found, vegetable induced strength, snapped the steel lever right off! At least it isn’t leaking anymore.

On my way home today I came across this bus driver. He must have been pretty damn tired. A little explanation: the inset at the top is a photo of  his feet up on the yellow bar which protects him from the riffraff. The rest of him is “stretched out” on the seat.


“Zzzzzzz……” (Ed. note: Note the jacket covering his eyes)

The other thing that happened was that after I took a couple of pictures and started to walk away, one of the drivers from one of the other three #97 buses lined up came across the street – likely to stop me from taking any more.

Question: When you are out and about in Canada, is it now a common occurrence to see women (I’d say it is 99.9% women who do this here) taking their photograph on their phone? It is very common and we have grown used to it – even if we don’t get it. The other day though, while I was at the office, I watched a youngish (20 something) woman making a movie of herself. Why oh why!

Now I like to think of myself as politically correct and up on all the latest terminology but I really did enjoy this comedy bit from George Carlin done a few years ago.

BTW, I must say that compared with Rob Ford, Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Terry McLeod, political life in China is pretty dull!

And finally, thanks to Mal for sending us this – watch and enjoy.

The Shoe Blog

This time you get two photos for the price of one. The first is one Terry took of three of the members of the Jiaxing BCOSP Inaugural Boy’s Basketball Team’s feet.

Very Colourful, Boys.

Very Colourful, Boys

And for every colourful shoe we see,

Very Black and White, Ms.

Very Black and White, Ms.

7 thoughts on “Dribs, Drabs and Congrats

  1. Val

    OMG! That is an ugly chandelier! How does that get picked for a rental apartment? I loved the time lapse video of Vancouver. It is one beautiful city.

  2. pkintzinger

    Thanks for the Carlin video clip – I forgot about intelligent humor. Will surf around for some more tonight … well, probably won’t remember. I’m way behind reading the Express. xoxox

  3. Lorna

    Go Riders Go! We were actually able to watch the game live down here in California. Our golf companions the next day coincidentally were also Rider fans so spent the day reliving the w h o l e game. Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Richard Hardisty Judith Watt

    sniff….Mum would be so proud and, not just a little surprised!
    (btw that light fixture should be entered in a “most unbelievable light fixture” contest)…I’m just imagining the discussion in the lighting store….”oh! that’s it! I’m sure Canadians would love it!?!…) Judith


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