Chinese Road Rage, Up Close and Personal

Our friend Lawrence, who was here last year as a principal of a BC Off-shore school in Shanghai, refused to ride in taxis and buses because of the erratic–sometimes insane–driving we had witnessed.  Lawrence’s insistence on safety-first led to a few funny sidebars, like the time we saw him and Helen about a block awayContinue reading “Chinese Road Rage, Up Close and Personal”

TIC 2…or is it 3 or 4?

Saturday morning in Geoff’s office.  I’ve taken over the computer while he makes his daily observations and chats up the barristas who all know his name and how he likes his coffee.  Four of our grade 10 students sit at the corner table doing homework–yes, they are studious but in class not nearly as obviously. Continue reading “TIC 2…or is it 3 or 4?”

Never a Dull Moment – or – TIC*

More on our weekend… A Rope Tow is a Rope Tow When we go into Shanghai, we take the highway. We came across this bus being towed along at 70 kph- I sure as heck hope they don’t have to stop suddenly. Is that Polish or Polish? After Terry’s cleansing experience we headed off downContinue reading “Never a Dull Moment – or – TIC*”

Terry Visits the… uh… “Dentist”

In  to Shanghai this weekend to pick up some prescription glasses (like we don’t have enough) and a few new pairs of Jimmy’s cords for Geoff, but first, a trip to the dentist for Terry. (Ed. note: Sadly, no pictures to accompany the following.) We go to Parkway Health for any medical concerns–a good companyContinue reading “Terry Visits the… uh… “Dentist””