Allright, already…

I am getting the impression that you all would have been on the Chinese guy’s side…

Anyway, prior to the Sunday debacle, we spent Saturday evening enjoying the sights and sounds of Nanjing Road East and the Bund. These entertainers seem to just spontaneously start up. Here you go… (Ed. note: The video was taken on my phone, over the heads of the audience(s). Please forgive the shakiness and occasional blurriness.)

A man and his zither
A man and his zither

Historic Laszlo Hudec-designed Art Deco cinema in People’s Square

Known to foreigners as ‘the best cinema of the Far East’, the Grand Cinema was frequented by Shanghai’s glitterati in its 1930s heyday. A Laszlo Hudec work, it was completed in 1933 and was the height of technological innovation – each seat had a translation system installed so that the Chinese audience could enjoy the foreign-language films through individual earpieces.

The Grand Theatre
The Grand Theatre
Another Art Deco building
Another Art Deco Building – Plaza 353

The Chinese love their neon

The Neon Lights
The Neon Lights

Ala New York’s Times Square

Some incredible scenes were shown on this "sign"
Some incredible scenes were shown on this “sign”
The Swatch Art peace Hotel on the Bund
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel on the Bund
Another well lit building, next door to the Swatch Art Peace Hotel

Across the street from the above two stands Chairman Mao watching over all his children

Chairman Mao by night
Chairman Mao by night

And across the Huangpu River from Mao is Pudong – not an area he would have likely approved of.

Pudong at night
Pudong at night

And finally, before anyone else goes there, a Horse’s Ass.
Horse's Ass

The Shoe Blog

This was a matched set – the shoes and the pants. You can just see some sparkles up near her knees – but her entire pants were sparkles.

Her boyfriend's drab shoes enhanced hers all the more
Her boyfriend’s drab shoes enhanced hers all the more

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