4 thoughts on “Good Morning Vietnam Update

  1. Peter Therrien

    Ah yes! Fond memories of a gazillion scooters, random intersection rules, rats nest telephone poles, 12 foot wide buildings, and people, people, people!

  2. mary thomas

    You guys are SO BRAVE !!!!!! And Geoff… I did not hear any inappropriate language or cries or words of wisdom from you. while riding. Are you on valium ??? I am just sourcing out cycle tours in Amsterdam and trying to find one that heads OUT to the countryside where there are no other bikers, cows, goats, people, red lights to distract us etc. ….. just tulip fields and canals. Al is thinking maybe with my poor riding skills ( biking genetics very weak !!!) , that we rent tandems. But I am doing hot air balloooning in Cappadocia !!! Yabadabadooo. Enjoy your time with your boys !!!!!!

  3. Lynne

    My God, all the motorbikes. Glad to see everyone wearing helmets as the “shoal” effect leaves a lot to be desired!! They are polite with the tooting though. Hanoi looks interesting. Love the colours of the buildings. Hope you have a fantastic time with Joe and Sam. We await further bulletins!


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