TIC #? Minor medical attention in Jiaxing

Don’t be appalled but last night I suspected I had a urinary tract infection, something every woman knows is a minor but significantly uncomfortable infection.  I didn’t want to travel to Shanghai just to get the antibiotics I know are the cure, so I asked Daisy if she could go with me to No. 1Continue reading “TIC #? Minor medical attention in Jiaxing”

Top Eleven Reasons We Are Staying in Jiaxing

Last week we told you that we had received an offer we couldn’t refuse from Cinec Canada in order to persuade us to stay. While that was partially true, it was just a small part. This week we give you The Top Eleven Reasons We Are Staying in Jiaxing 11. We want to see ifContinue reading “Top Eleven Reasons We Are Staying in Jiaxing”

Remnants of a Vacation or Going “Home”

Well we have left Cambodia and are now in the air flying from Guangzhou to Shanghai. We had a relaxing morning in Phnom Penh – Terry got her nails done and  then got lost in the Russian market before finally finding her way back to the hotel and Geoff lazed around reading in the comfortContinue reading “Remnants of a Vacation or Going “Home””

Entering Cambodia

Usually one enters a country via highway or airport.  Coming in by boat was an altogether different experience.  Once we cleared customs in both Vietnam and Cambodia, both offices “rustic,” to say the least, we boarded our van with the other 11 “International Travelers” aka back-packers, and headed off down sandy, rutted roads and narrow,Continue reading “Entering Cambodia”