TIC #? Minor medical attention in Jiaxing

Don’t be appalled but last night I suspected I had a urinary tract infection, something every woman knows is a minor but significantly uncomfortable infection.  I didn’t want to travel to Shanghai just to get the antibiotics I know are the cure, so I asked Daisy if she could go with me to No. 1 Hospital where I know they have English-speaking doctors.  She came back a little later and asked if the hospital near the new Hilton would do.  On a clear day, we can see the insignia from our apartment.  No problem for me, as long as they have a doc who can understand me.  Daisy escorts me all the way, which is just as well.

We arrive at the desk and are helped by an English-speaking attendant.  First, I have to be checked in but my medical card is no good in little Jiaxing, so Daisy uses her card.  For 1 yuan (16 cents) I am given a booklet to keep for my medical records.  Daisy’s name is on the front but my details inside.  Shouldn’t be a problem, should it?  Then, we are escorted upstairs a floor where almost immediately I am taken to a (very) young doctor who speaks no English.  After they chat for a while, the nurse asks me if I have any discomfort in my lower back.  Okay, maybe I haven’t made myself clear but before I can say anything, the doctor gets up and hammers my back in a few places, through my winter coat.  I don’t wince so he concludes all is well.  He and the nurse talk some more and then she asks where does it hurt?  Hmmm.  “You will need to have a urine test.”    Ah!

Eventually, I am taken to another department where I confirm I am to pee in a cup.  They give me one, plus a test tube and send me to “the washroom.”  This is a hospital, remember.  When I enter the washroom, what is notable is a large garbage bin on wheels, full to the brim with all kinds of garbage including food wrappers; no lid.  It is parked next to a maintenance sink with several grey-looking mops standing in it.  Into the stall I go — no lock, no toilet paper and two gaping spaces in the tile-work where pipes and raw cement edges are exposed, collecting all manner of dust, grime and disease.  Me without my camera!  Or paper towels for my hands after I wash them in the maintenance sink, that being the only option.

Out I come and deliver my test-tube to the nurse and am told to wait a moment.  After no more than 10 minutes, she arrives with my test results (showing high counts of white corpuscles) and we return to the doctor.  I am hoping for some antibiotics, but instead I get traditional Chinese medicine.  I have to take 12 pills of one kind and 4 of another a day for a week.  As long as it works, I am happy.  Total cost, including the 1 yuan:  153 yuan.  Sadly, my company health card is not usable here in the ‘small’ city (pop 3.5 milliion), but I think I can afford the $25.00.  No worries, I feel better already.

6 thoughts on “TIC #? Minor medical attention in Jiaxing

  1. Deb And Dave

    Cranberry juice or cranberry pills and ketchup not together but they help change the ph level of the urine,

  2. lois

    Perhaps, with so many people, they concentrate on the patients with more life threatening conditions. Small is 3.5 M people…? We are a tiny country in population. Hope you are now well.

  3. Peter Therrien

    Surprising, but I guess in a ‘small town’ the medical facilities may be wanting a bit. With my vast experiences in Asia (take a trip, try a hospital) I have found the hospitals to be excellent, and would drop one in here in a second. Of course, that was Beijing and Bangkok.


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