Tales to Amaze and Delight You…Well, Entertain You Anyway

(Ed. note: It has come to our attention that with the somewhat sporadic postings lately, some of you thought we might have been on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. Fear not, we are still here. We assume there is wide spread Chinese media coverage, but not reading or understanding much Chinese, we don’t know forContinue reading “Tales to Amaze and Delight You…Well, Entertain You Anyway”

“You are beautiful, I love you”, “You are so thin”

Well, we have spent a couple of days in Shanghai. Terry had her 5 year medical thingy to deal with. While we were there we experienced our usual TIC moments. These are in no particular order. 1. We are in the doctor’s office today, which is quite the place. The “practice” has four or fiveContinue reading ““You are beautiful, I love you”, “You are so thin””

Random Musings (and Photos) by Terry and Geoff

Here it is a rather blah Sunday (Terry’s note:  this might have something to do with Geoff’s state of health after entertaining last night.  It was actually a beautiful sunny day in Jiaxing) in the thriving (?) metropolis of Jiaxing. As usual, we had morning coffee at Starbucks and then went to Metro to doContinue reading “Random Musings (and Photos) by Terry and Geoff”