“You are beautiful, I love you”, “You are so thin”

Well, we have spent a couple of days in Shanghai. Terry had her 5 year medical thingy to deal with. While we were there we experienced our usual TIC moments. These are in no particular order.

1. We are in the doctor’s office today, which is quite the place. The “practice” has four or five suites around Shanghai and caters to expats. It is always an experience to visit. Today there was a young fellow who had injured his leg and was on crutches. He came out from his appointment with the doctor to the receptionist. The conversation with her went like this:

  • Young fellow: “When can I get in to see the specialist?”
  • Receptionist: “Well, she is all booked up for the next three or four days.”
  • Young fellow: “Well then, when is the first time I can get in to see her?”
  • Receptionist: “Tomorrow morning at 10:30”

2. While Terry was at the doctor’s offices, I had a couple of hours to kill so, as usual, I just wandered the streets. Also, as usual, I got quite a few looks – how is my outfit unusual? My question is why no one looked at the fellow on the right, which, really, is at least a little unusual for downtown Shanghai.

Terry thinks the guy on the right is doing the Sons of Anarchy thing.

Terry thinks the guy on the left is doing the Sons of Anarchy thing.

3. These people were preparing lunches for the workers in the area – but they were not pleased to have their photos taken.

The left side is the kitchen and the right side is the area where the dishes are prepared for delivery.

The left side is the kitchen and the right side is the area where the dishes are prepared for delivery.

4. This fellow, apparently made some kind of illegal left turn and was stopped, in the crosswalk, by the police officer. The police officer then told him to get out of the car – leaving it in the crosswalk, and to come across the street where he could write him the ticket. Who needs a crosswalk, anyway.

"Just leave it here."

“Just leave it here.”

5. One thing about Shanghai is that there are very few one way streets – but this is one of them. Although, it seems that the scooters don’t really care – and trust me, they are going the wrong way on a one way street.

One way, shmone way.

One way, shmone way.

6. Our friend, Links of the bamboo underwear, has a brother, Chen, who is our prescription eye-glass source.  I got Geoff to take this shot of the back room of his shop, which is really just one of several “secret” back rooms where one is invited as a special customer.  I took a secret shot to try to capture his height, which didn’t really do it.  Geoff bluntly asked him to stand and he was more than happy to oblige.  I dubbed him “The Gnome” for obvious reasons.

Terry and her Gnome

I’m thinking his hair and my chin–it’s a match!

7.  And now for the title of this blog.  These are a few things that one does not hear in Vancouver:  an elderly woman on the subway was staring at me.  As I was getting off, I helped her move her baby stroller which she was using to carry her bags, and she said, “You’re beautiful–I love you!”  Okay.  Interesting.  Out on the sidewalk,  a group of 4 young people asked me if I would take their picture, which is often the beginning of a con.  But the one fellow handed me his phone so I snapped a picture and headed on my way.  One of the girls called,” Hey, you’re thin! Where are you from?” as if a thin woman was unheard of in China.  In fact, the vast majority of people in China are thin.  Could it be that I was Caucasian and thin?  I’m still thinking about this weird comment. Personal boundaries are scarce here, hence the loud talking, the staring, the comments, the pyjamas on the street.    TIC!

The Shoe Blog

These are somewhat typical of many Chinese women’s shoes. They are dead flat, no arch support, thin soles but as Terry says “Ugly as hell”.

They are beige, so they work with any outfit!

They are beige, so they work with any outfit!

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