Every Blog Must Have a Title, Martin

This week’s blog is the final guest posting by Lynne and Martin detailing the end of their adventures in China, now that we have fully recovered on our return to Canada.

(Ed. note: Contrary to the above statement, this is NOT the final blog from Lynne and Martin. They still have to tell you about the sand, the duck, the Wall and the more. Additionally, Ed. will print what they have written, with no censoring, but lots of notes.)

When last you left the intrepid explorers……. We were heading to Xi’an, a part of the trip that has been more than adequately covered by Geoff and Terry in recent posts. Suffice it to say that Xi’an, the Terracotta Army and the Emperors’ tombs are absolutely magnificent and a must see if (Ed. note: When) you go to China.

After T & G left on Sunday, we pottered around in Xi’an until late afternoon on Monday. We discovered how to eat good food for next to nothing in the local Chinese Noodle Shop. Now, all weekend we had been buying 600 ml bottles of Tsingtao in the corner store for pre-prandial consumption in the room – cost Y7.50 each. How much in the noodle shop for 600ml of Tsingtao? Y4.00. Go figure! (Ed. note: We may be affronted. Is there an implication there that we had not introduced them to cheap food, or good food or cheap good food – or beer?)

HUGE bowls and Huge beer at a miniscule price.

HUGE bowls and HUGE bottles beer at a miniscule price.

So, Tomb Sweeping Weekend having come to an end, off to Beijing on a two hour flight that left on time and served food. Taxiing into town for $20 bucks, we checked into the Inner Mongolia Hotel, which was an improvement on the Citadines in Xi’an. Disappointingly, though, not a single misspelt sign! (Ed. note: Nice touch Martin – book us into somewhat suspect accommodation, but you two get exquisite. Nice!)

Apparently you have to even get dressed up just to go to the lobby.

Apparently you have to even get dressed up just to go to the lobby.

By now it was around eight, so we thought we’d take a look at the nearby Tiananmen Square. No dice. It’s closed at night and patrolled by the police AND the army. (Ed. note: How does one “close” a huge, empty space that is 960×550 yds.?)  So we visit the famous night food market to have a beer and something to eat. Fortunately, not these, as they were still wriggling……

Mmmm ... but if they are still wiggling, they are fresh!

Mmmm … but if they are still wriggling, they are fresh!

So, back early the next day. Access to TS and the Forbidden City is tightly controlled by security gates (as indeed are all subway stops). We get diverted by what we thought was a wannabe guide who turned out to be the head of the Forbidden City Calligraphy School. He showed us into the Temple of Ancestors before he tried to sell us something. Anyway, no one was in this temple except newlyweds doing formal photography. It had an impressive main building used by the Emperor to honour the ancestors (we’re thinking of putting one in the back yard) (Ed. note: An ancestor, a main building or a temple for newlywed photos?). This is the interior.

Stretch those arms Lynne - just imagine you are holding Martin...

Stretch those arms Lynne – just imagine you are holding Martin…

After half an hour trying to figure out how to get out of there, we ended up at the main gate of the Forbidden City. Now this is a blog in itself, as it is, of course, huge. So we leave you with a picture of the main gate. To be continued…. (Ed. note: Okay here is my question: If this was to be the last blog (see Martin’s preamble), why did he finish with “To be continued…” . It is very confusing for the Ed.)


 The Shoe Blog

Since this week’s blog originated in Vancouver, I thought it would be appropriate to use this. It appears that the Vancouver Sun is stealing my idea. If any of you know a good lawyer, could you find out if I can sue? They have taken The Shoe Blog and made a small adjustment calling it Boots and included it in something called Instagram. I don’t think that is right. Just another example of The Man beating down the little guy!

It was MY idea!

It was MY idea!

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