The Art of Consumption, Round 2 or How to Get Free Food and Beer

(Ed. note: Technically speaking, this was the A of C, R 1 since it preceded by 2 days the one I wrote about yesterday, but what the hell.) Saturday night I headed off to a restaurant I have discovered on Food Street which serves good, cheap, spicy food along with good, cheap, cold, cold beer. However,Continue reading “The Art of Consumption, Round 2 or How to Get Free Food and Beer”

Turning 60 and Saturday at the Mall

Terry turned 60 yesterday and 5 of her girlfriends flew over to surprise her  (she thought we were going to Hong Kong to celebrate it). They are spending the weekend gallivanting around Shanghai – she may let you in one what they did later. Thus I am left to my own devices. What can aContinue reading “Turning 60 and Saturday at the Mall”

Ningbo Shningbo Day 2 or Our Ningbo Adventures

(Ed. note: Terry thinks Geoff is too hard on Ningbo and that the posts should be called something other than Ningbo Shningbo thus the alternate title) What a start to the day. The Howard Johnson Hotel Ningbo Plaza has 450 rooms. It is full for the Labour/May Day holiday. Breakfast is included in all rooms.Continue reading “Ningbo Shningbo Day 2 or Our Ningbo Adventures”