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(Ed. note: Long ago in a faraway land called Burnaby, I used to take kids on what were called field trips or field experiences. They were to a variety of places, with a variety of purposes with a variety of successes. On Tuesday morning this week I witnessed what appeared to be the beginning of a local field experience. Three large SUVs holding a total of 12 – 15 passengers were clearly waiting for the last couple of people to show up and then, I suppose, they would be off. I don’t know where they were going, but I would bet anywhere where 12 – 15 KTV girls, all appropriately dressed, go would be a success. …Ah, Chinese field experiences – so different from Burnaby ones…)

We have some photos and the odd little tidbit for you today.

This is a substitute photo. It was taken by Tim at a meal in January. We would have taken one just like it if the chicken head on the chicken we had Sunday evening would have been in as good shape as this one was.

"Sorry, its my last one"

“Sorry, its my last one”

We were leaving our complex the other day and these two guys were just sitting in a bag – we think their feet are likely tied since they were making no effort to leave the bag.

If it sits like a duck ...

If it sits like a duck …

Now, I’m no marketing genius, but I think that if your goal is to sell the diamond, maybe having the claw dead centre isn’t the best image you want to project.

Maybe focus a little more on the rock...

Maybe focus a little more on the rock…

Just another contented patron after their strong (?) Starbucks’ coffee…

Do people REALLY sleep like this?

Can people REALLY sleep like this?

Remember the auto detailing shop from a few blogs ago? Well this car was outside it today. It is one of several cars in Jiaxing which like the chrome look. (Ed. note: the chrome, unfortunately, doesn’t photograph well.)

Who knew chrome came in bright blue.

Who knew chrome came in bright blue.

Just like I am not a marketing genius, I am not an engineering genius. However, maybe, once most of the canal had been drained and before the backhoe went in, those guys, sunk up to their hips could have tested the mud.

Who knows how deep this is.

God only knows how deep this is.

Why this one, you ask. Well, this is where the taxis stop just outside the mall. They ALWAYS stop there. So why would the one with the glass in front of it not pay attention and stop before he rear ended the other one and broke his headlight?

And why would the police have to come racing up, sirens and lights going, for just a broken headlight?


Do you think the RCMP, Vancouver or West Vancouver would attend this accident)?

So the school administrators wanted to take Terry out tonight for her birthday. It was a great meal with many delicious dishes (Ed. note: delicious is the only adjective the Chinese use to describe food). It is interesting when two people speak, effectively, no Chinese, two people speak no English and two people speak both. Right at the end, Daisy (one of the to bilingual people) translates for Mr. Xu, the Chinese principal, that he wants our students to practice choral speaking every morning from 7 to 7:20. He thinks that if we give them “Beautiful sentences” to speak every morning, not only will they do it without supervision but they will develop deep feelings for it. Apparently, the kids in the Chinese school do this. We will be visiting the other school next week to view the effectiveness of this approach. Not that we are sceptical, but we don’t think Canadian kids would respond particularly positively.

The Shoe Blog

Spotted these beauties on the bus the other day.

Reminded me of a confetti angel food cake

Reminded me of a confetti angel food cake and a sweater I had in the early 80s.





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