Everyone Should Live In China At Least Once

(Ed. note: This post was written by an American woman, Andrea Xu, and posted to her blog*. It was forwarded to us by a friend who was a principal in Shanghai last year. Thanks Lawrence. An original Jiaxing Express posting will follow soon – if Terry gets around to finishing her part of it thisContinue reading “Everyone Should Live In China At Least Once”

I’m in The Cloud Today

Quite literally, I’m in a cloud. The humidity has been super high since morning and now, approaching 1:30, (Ed.note: Hey, aren’t you supposed to be WORKING?!) we are in to a full-blown monsoon. It’s the rainy season in Jiaxing, an understatement if there ever was one. It has been a busy yet relaxing week. We’ve finishedContinue reading “I’m in The Cloud Today”

System? What System?

Aaaahhhhh the recruiting of students to Chinese schools. We told you in the last blog about the tests they write. Some more information for you. (Ed. note: Try to follow along!) Earlier this year the government announced that all students who wanted to write an entrance exam to get into an international school would do soContinue reading “System? What System?”

“Parenting” in China and Shopping For Apartments

(Ed. note: Thanks to all of you who commented on how fabulous I looked in my new suit. I agree. LOL. On another note, the world is a strange place. As I was writing yesterday’s post I thought, and in fact said to Terry, that maybe it was time to wind down The Jiaxing Express,Continue reading ““Parenting” in China and Shopping For Apartments”