To Foment or Not to Foment

(Ed. note: Many thanks to Google Earth for their participation in this post!)

I am not sure how many of you have been following the events in the last little while in our part of the world, but boy are we glad we went to Thailand last year! Also, there have been some minor disagreements between China and Vietnam over an oil rig which a Chinese company moved in to the South China Sea. Now, Terry reads the China Daily daily and the editorial flavour has been: While it may seem at first glance that the placement of the disputed oil rig is in Vietnam’s national waters, this is not necessarily the case.


I can see how some one might be confused... I mean just look at it...

I can see how some one might be confused… I mean just look at it…

Anyway, that’s not exactly what I am writing about today. Last week it was so hot (Ed. note: How hot was it?)… It was so hot that I decided of my own volition (Ed. note: That’s choice for the less erudite of you) to wear a hat. Now those who know me are likely aghast at this, but what can I say. I put it on to see how I looked – and then thought Hmmm…

A matching outfit.

A matching outfit.

I then thought that perhaps discretion yada, yada, yada…So here is my question to you – should I wear these two articles of clothing outside this week and foment a possible protest.

Please vote:

And Now for Something Completely Different

There are two buildings across the street from the school which have been completed and sat empty since we arrived. We were told for a while they were apartments, then a hotel, then office buildings. In the last month or so, there has been increased activity and it looks like they are going to start selling.

Happy City

Happy City – Home Sweetome

We went for a walk today. We cannot figure out if there is any sequence as to how they put the windows in, but I do hope they are careful about the guys below.

Don't drop that glass, my friend

Don’t drop that glass, my friend (Thanks to the Fraternity of Man!)

At a major intersection (3 lanes in each direction), 3 of the 4 corners were taken over by fruit sellers from the countryside. They are very careful to lay them out in an arc so the traffic going around the corner doesn’t run over them.

They have cornered the market

They have cornered the market. The watermelon guy doesn’t bother to unload, selling them right from the truck, making him a truck farmer. (LOL!)

We have been watching a deep hole in the ground become a building. We had some very heavy rain overnight on Friday and I guess they needed to do some draining.

  1. The photo on the left shows the pink drain hose bringing the pumped water from the excavation up to street level.
  2. The next photo shows the pink hose bringing the water over to the fence on the street
  3. Then we see the end of the hose with the water coming out
  4. Finally, the water goes down a deep hole in the ground – that is a hole, not a drain attached to anything to take it away.
  5. Now I am not an engineer, but doesn’t water seek the lowest level and won’t it thus wind up where it started from?

Round and round it goes and where it stops, who knows?

In our never ending efforts to educate and satisfy your curiousity, we bring you the following. In a search for the top 10 canal cities in the world I came up with this (Ed. note: The description is from the site).

  • Stockholm – Called the “Venice of the North”
  • Alappuzha – Called the “Venice of the East”
  • Bangkok Klongs
  • Nan Madol – Called the “Venice of the Pacific”
  • Suzhou – Called the “Venice of China”
  • Panama Canal
  • Hoi An
  • Bruges – Called the “Venice of the North” (Ed. note: What happened to Stockholm?)
  • Amsterdam – Called the “Venice of the North” (Ed. note: at least the site had the decency to say “Another Venice of the North”)
  • Venice – Called (Ed. note: Get this) “City of Water” (Ed. note: Why not Venice of the southern part of Europe? Or “The Venice of Venice”? And why do Bangkok, Panama and Hoi An get short shrift?)

You may very well ask what the hell is he talking about?

Bruges' Canals

Bruges’ Canals

Venice's Canals

Venice’s Canals

Jiaxing's Canals

Jiaxing’s Canals

I think Jiaxing should be on that list so I am going to start a Facebook page dedicated to getting recognized! Watch for it.

Well, on our walk we saw this.

Tote that barge, lift those poles (Thanks to Ol' Man River)

Tote that barge, pound those poles (Thanks to Ol’ Man River) or maybe I should put out a call to Spirit of the West to rewrite the lyrics to say Jaixing is Sinking?

The fellows in photos 1 and 2 are pounding in those posts by hand to create a “wooden post wall”. The barge and front end loader are then dumping buckets of gravel behind the wall. Is there a purpose to this? TIC so I have NO idea.



This is one for the books. On our long walk today I finally start to feel a little peckish and decide I want two cheeseburgers. Terry goes of to Sephora. I get in line and after 3-4 minutes, I spot a 20 yuan note on the ground next to a young lady (17-18ish). I tap her on the shoulder and point at it. She picks it up and holds it very delicately between her thumb and forefinger – like it has a communicable disease on it or maybe it is a child’s dirty diaper. She looks around for 2-3 minutes -doing nothing but holding and looking. Does she tap the people in front and ask them if it is theirs? No. Finally she takes it up to the counter and gives it to the cashier.

When I get up to order, I point at the cheeseburgers on the order sheet. “Maio” – don’t have, he says. I think – you don’t have burgers – this is McDonalds, for God’s sake. He points at the filet of fish and the chicken burger. That’s what they have today. I point at the filet of fish meal but indicate no fries, no pop and ask for 2 filet of fish. He puts the order in and then I think – “Hey I do want fries” so I point at them separately and order one medium (Ed. note: Who knew there would be three sizes of fries in China?). Guess what shows up – yes – two complete meals plus an extra side of fries. I leave the pop and go. As I am walking up the street I see a former Starbucks barista I know and give her one of the orders of fries, I eat one and a third filet and share one order of fries with Terry, before disposing of the rest.

Got back to the apartment just in time to see – no – this is not a truck full of garbage – someone’s prized possession being loaded in to the back of the Moving Truck.

Moving Day

Moving Day

The Shoe Blog

Does anyone else remember the original Buster Brown shoes from the 1960s?


Ok so the tongue has been added, but come on…






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  1. mary thomas

    Hey… Geoff….In regards to your Vietnam matching shirt and hat outfit and as far as I am concerned ( think Terrys birthday gift), You are not only the MAN, but you are the STAR !!!!!! So wear it proudly and strut your stuff until we see how you can top that for her 61st !!!!!! Cheers, jetlag now over for me !!!!!


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