Day 2 Ends and Day 3 Begins

If Day 1 was dedicated to clothing and the Hong Kong Museum of History – all 400 million years of it, and Day 2 was dedicated to clothing, sight seeing and seafood at the street market, then Day 3 was all about WALKING. (Ed. note: It was well over 10k in 32 degree humid heat – I lost 100 pounds – but put 105 back on with the beer consumption.)

However, let us deal with the tail end of Day 2 first. We showed up at Sam’s to pick up our clothing. We have come to realize that Sam’s is a very busy place. Roshan told us to be there at 5 – and we got there about 10 to.

Just another Saturday afternoon at Sam's.

Just another Saturday afternoon at Sam’s.

He was dealing with a young couple, with the fellow clearly having no idea what choices to make regarding style. This was apparent to Roshan as well, as he gave him choices and then guided the kid to the right choice. He spent all the time in the world with them and it was clear he was not going to be hurried by the pushy customer who came in after we did and wanted his attention. At the end of the time, he walked the couple out. He is the consummate professional salesman. Then he started on us.

Geoff: “I think I want a pair of black slacks.”

Roshan: “Let me make you a suit. It will be fabulous!”

Terry: “He doesn’t need a suit – where is he going to wear it?”

Roshan: “Weddings, funerals – it could serve as a tux.”

Terry: “Where is he going to wear a tux?”

Geoff: “I think I want a pair of black slacks”

Roshan: “Let me make you a suit. It will be fabulous!”

I now have a John Ford Super Black suit that is fabulous and boy do I look good!

Terry:  “I think I need a pair of black slacks”

Roshan: “Why black? Let me make you a suit.” He then goes and gets a beautiful dark blue subtle windowpane suit.

Roshan: “This will be fabulous – let me make you a pencil skirt and I’ll throw it in”

Terry: “I need one blouse to go with it”

Roshan: “Let me make you two blouses. They will be fabulous!”

Terry now has a three piece blue suit and two more fabulous blouses – but still no black slacks.

We went back Monday morning to pick all of this up and he really is the king. He knows style, cloth, clientele and how to sell. Terry and I both look fabulous in these clothes. I watched him very quietly coach one of his younger salespeople this morning, giving him credit for something he had done and pointing out something he could have done better. He was very quiet and I could only catch a phrase or two here and there but it was a fine example of mentoring. Now, if we can figure out place to wear all our new clothes…

Seriously, if any of you ever find yourselves in Hong Kong, you must get something made at Sam’s – see Roshan and tell him Geoff and Terry sent you – you’ll get the deal of the day! Before we end with Sam’s, however, let me introduce Ming. He was great, but according to Terry and many others, he bears a strong resemblance to two other well know figures. You decide.

Would the real Ming please stand up.

Would the real Ming please stand up.

Now to Sunday. We decided to visit a couple of markets. Kowloon is full of them. We got to the Ladies Market at about 11:00 – they were still setting up, so we walked on to the Flower Market. This is a section about 4 blocks long and every shop is either a florist shop or a shop just selling bunches of fabulous flowers. It was a real treat to walk along  with all the different fragrances and colors assailing the sense. They had tons of orchids – I wish I could grow them this well!

Terry and the Flowers


Orchids, orchids and more orchids. Look carefully, each photo has 3 panels.

Orchid 4

Orchid 3

Orchid 2

Orchid 1

The following section is dedicated to Jan Therrien and her memories…

Then it was in to Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. As much as it was a place to buy birds and all the necessary supplies – cages, live insects, toys, watering bowls etc., it was a place for, let us say, somewhat eccentric bird owners to bring their birds to show them off, to chat with other bird owners and allow the birds (Ed. note: I can’t believe I am going to say this in any degree of seriousness and in public) to socialize. I guess it is much like taking small kids to kids parks, dogs to a dog park, cats to a – where do people take cats to socialize them?  Anyway it was amusing to see these grown men (and they were all men) clucking, stroking and even kissing their pet bird.

The Bird Garden

The Bird Garden

This guy was for sale

These guys were for sale

As were these guys

As were these guys

We now move on to the pet birds – again three photos panes each


Colors were just as amazing as the flowers


Terry really liked the guy in the middle – his head was too big, proportionately, for his body.

Kissy Kissy....

Kissy Kissy…. (Ed. note: Hey, is that Al Dever in the background?)

Despite Terry’s futile attempt a few years ago to get me into “Birding” as a hobby, I have picked up a few things. For example, I would say the guy in the background is plenty pissed.

"WTF - It is MY turn for the top perch this week!"

“WTF – It is MY turn for the top perch this week!”

And finally

Okay, maybe his name isn't really Big Red, but it seems fitting.

Okay, maybe his name isn’t really Big Red, but it seems fitting.

Back to  the Ladies Market to find a suitcase for all the new clothes. Short story – after much searching, discussion, haggling and fighting with one particular merchant, we got one and it is not a carry on. (Ed. note: We will definitely be taking in whenever we travel with you, Ken. LOL). 

I wan’t sure for a long time why it was called the Ladies Market – but this may provide a clue.


Who wants to be an elephant – and does that mean if you pay, you can take a photo?

Much more on our Sunday in Hong Kong coming in the next post. (Ed. note: I may even let Terry offer some stories, but, alas, she is back to work in the morning…sigh…)

The Shoe Blog

I am not saying this woman’s heels were bothering her or that they were an interesting choice for a walk to the park to watch your daughter perform Kung Fu, but hey wait – I am saying this woman’s heels were bothering her and that they were an interesting choice for a walk to the park to watch your daughter perform Kung Fu.

"I am going to wear these damn things, no matter what!"

“I am going to wear these damn things, no matter what!”

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