Well it is almost time to take off for Jiaxing again (Tuesday at 2:30). Before we go however, we want to thank everyone for their hospitality this summer. In the seven weeks we were home, Terry and Geoff were alone, at home for exactly 6 nights. We didn’t realize we had so many good friends who were willing to buy us food and wine! Thank you one and all.

Now, sit back and enjoy the video.

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  1. Marion Downing

    Terry and Geoff, I can’t believe you are leaving, time goes so quickly. I am so happy that I saw you at Pitt Meadows Terry. Have a great year once again. Marion.

  2. pkintzinger

    The Ice Bucket Challenge craziness has made me think about my brother, who died of ALS 5 years ago this summer. It was a nasty, frightening existence for him as he very quickly lost all muscle capacity, to the extent he could barely communicate. The brain remains completely aware and is not at all affected, so you can contemplate your demise clearly as you decline. Words can’t really describe it. When I think of Ric and ALS, I also think of Stephen Hawking who has lived with ALS for over 50 years, continuing to research and write in physics. He has a website, of course, where one can learn a little more about him. I was interested to notice that he has written a memoir, which I may be interested to read. http://www.hawking.org.uk/

    This viral challenge, I see from the website, has garnered an incredible amount of money – can’t imagine a cure coming of this alone, but who knows when you factor the gains across the world. At first I held it in disdain, but I gotta admit, it’s worked beyond all expectations. Maybe there is hope after all.

    Thanks for Saturday – it was great. I’ll miss you guys – remember 2nd Saturday in July next year. Have a great journey and enjoy Italy!


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