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A return to Normal (Normality? Normalcy?)

(Ed. note: I think it is time to get back to the “regular” blog topics, don’t you? Enough high drama. Except for an irregular update or two on my progress and perhaps some information about my upcoming scheduled appointment to see the surgeon, we will return to where we were before all of this happened).

Despite the above, a couple of health related issues.

  1. We have been asked several times if this means we will cut short our adventure and come home. The simple answer is no. There is no reason to since I can recover just as easily here as there. Additionally, we have talked about the fabulous care I have received here. I have found out that the Jiaxing #1 hospitals has one of the top cardio units in China. Additionally, it is partnered with the top two hospitals in Shanghai and the doctors in the cardio unit regularly circulate between the three. Although it is highly unlikely I will need it again, I am thinking that if I had my choice between Jiaxing #1 and any facility in the Fraser Health Authority right now, I would choose the former – wouldn’t you? I do know Terry and I would have have a far more extensive support network at home but we have made a commitment to Cinec and we will honour it.
  2. What was the other thing? Damn, I don’t remember, but then  – I have just had a heart attack you know. (Ed. note: Terry threatens that that has a very short shelf life.)

Okay, when last we wrote we were winding down in Rome, I believe. Those of you who have visited the eternal city will likely remember it for the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Vittorio Emanuelle II Memorial, the shopping, the restaurantes, and so much more. I can now add graffiti to your memories. To be fair, most of what we saw was in San Lorenzo. Where is San Lorenzo? Well it is about a 20 minute walk ESE of the Colosseum. During one of the economic boom cycles, the area was started as a middle to upper class residential area. However just after the boom, comes, as we all know a bust and San Lorenzo was left to fend for itself and people of a lower socio-economic standing moved in. After a period of time students discovered that they could live there cheaply and that the Sapienza Universita da Roma was there. The area looks seedy, but it was totally safe, had a great hotel and some funky restaurants (Pinsa e Buoi is there). (Ed. note: When Terry was getting her hair cut, both the stylist and the receptionist asked us where we were staying. When we said San Lorenzo, the silence was deafening!)  Nevertheless with the students, apparently, came the “artists”.

This is just old fashioned tagging - no real imagination.

This is just old fashioned tagging – no real imagination.

The next three cover most of an underpass – both the walls and the supporting columns display some artistic merit.




This one captured my attention because of its creative location.


Any – and I mean ANY – surface is prone to be utilized.


And just because you have wheels, doesn’t mean you are immune.

A delivery truck

A delivery truck

All three sides of this truck were used to express this artist’s talents.

Ironically, it is a Street Sweeper.

Ironically, it is a Street Sweeper.

Finally, almost every business in Rome has these metal pull down doors to protect it at night from whoever. They also provide canvases.



As Terry said, how disheartening it must be to be come to work everyday and see all of this. The problem is so bad there doesn’t appear to be any kind of solution. When we say that every possible surface has been used (except the street) we mean just that. There is no untouched surface. Although this problem is largely contained in the San Lorenzo area, it seems to me that it is only a matter of time before it either becomes one of Rome’s tourist attractions or grows beyond the neighbourhood border. It was really quite sad to see.

Two signs for you from good old Jiaxing.

This one advertises wooden floors.

This one advertises wooden floors. Warm & love notes?

Apparently Higher Price is a big reason to buy a new condo.

Apparently Higher Price is a big reason to buy a new condo.

The Shoe Blog 

These are the last shoes from Italy. Beautiful - but functional to wander around the vias a Roma during the day? Maybe not so much.

These are the last shoes from Italy. Beautiful – but functional to wander around the vias a Roma during the day? Maybe not so much. On the other hand, and Mal noticed this and pointed it out to me, her matching blue suit was so tight her steps were likely only 12″ – 15″ long.

(Ed. note: It occurs to me that I have now run out of material to write about. As the “Doctor in Residence” has declared that I am limited to 2-3 short walks per day around the complex, it is unlikely that I will be gathering much new information anytime soon. Perhaps a write in campaign to get the “Doctor” to allow me out would work. Thanks for your support. Her email is tdwatt@qq.com)