Waiting With Bated Breath

(Ed. note: We know that y’all (Hi Sherry) have been waiting with baited breath for the next edition of The Jiaxing Express – and here it is! Yay.) Since we last concocted a blog there have been some major developments in China – a commitment to reduced pollution (good luck with that!), a commitment to talks withContinue reading “Waiting With Bated Breath”

Geoff Writes a Bad Word – I Guess

A little story for you to shake your head at and some leftover photos. Our good friend Tim from South Carolina turned us on to a guitarist named Joe Bonamassa awhile ago. In my limited knowledge about music talent i.e. I have none, he is fantastic. I bought his Live album and play it –Continue reading “Geoff Writes a Bad Word – I Guess”

Meanwhile, back in the salt mine

In the midst of this spectacular Chinese medical care we have received, we still find reasons to smile and think, “TIC!”  {In case you have forgotten, TIC = This Is China, the only plausible response to some experiences} I had a somewhat urgent mission at school.  Some of our grade 12s are applying to AmericanContinue reading “Meanwhile, back in the salt mine”