Recovery is Boring


(Ed. note: I am bored. Recovering is boring. I know it is necessary, but doesn’t have to be mind-numbing? Anyway, there isn’t a lot to write about but I have to do something other than read Facebook or do jigsaws, or read book after book after book… So you, dear readers, are my outlet. You cannot imagine how excited I will be to get comments – any comments.)

Health update

We went in to Shanghai on Friday to the western focused Delta Health Clinic and met with Cardiologist Dr. Joey Loh – she was terrific. She went through all the reports from my visits to the Jiaxing Hospital and then did a 12 point EKG (apparently most are 8 points of contact) and a very extensive ECG (I was on the table for close to half an hour) and then told us that:
1. Yes there is some damage to the anterior (back) of the heart, but that it is minimal and will scar over in the next four weeks or so and thus eliminate itself as an issue;
2. The lesion where the stent was inserted would also repair itself over the next few months and not be an issue;
3. The ejection fraction which measures how hard the heart has to work is, for me at present, 57. Normal is in the 55 to 65 range. So that doesn’t seem to be a problem either;
4. Contrary to what the doctor told me a while ago here, the pulmonary oedema is still present. It is likely what is causing me the breathing issues when I get up. No fluid in my lungs showed up on the ECG where, if it was significant, it would but she clearly hears it when listening to me breathe. She has altered my meds a little and believes that that will clear it up relatively soon.
5. Spent some time with the Director of Cardiac Rehab and he wants me to start walking 20 minutes a day and to start with very mild rehab in a week.
So all in all a very positive day with all good news. How good? Terry and I went to MacDonalds for a burger fries and coke. (just under 1000 calories) Yes we know, but it was a celebratory meal as Terry was staying in Shanghai for a meeting Saturday.
I was believing the worst would happen and got the antithesis of that.  As Terry said – I’m going to be around for awhile yet!

Random Stuff

As we approach the rainy season here in Jiaxing, it is time to start renos. (Ed. note: Yesterday and today – sunny and 24º) On my first of 2 10 minute walks I see the following:

Oh yes just dump the sand and sawdust in the laneway where people used to park.

Oh yes just dump the sand and sawdust in the laneway where people used to park. At least the bags of material to be dispensed with are easy to get at.

When they gut an apartment they fill bags and bags. Then, the stuff sits outside - sometimes for up to a month.

When they gut an apartment they fill bags and bags. Then, the stuff sits outside – sometimes for up to a month.

I am pretty sure that if we wanted to add the pipes to our place in Port Coquitlam, the strata would say no to this.

I am pretty sure that if we wanted to add pipes to our place in Port Coquitlam, the strata would frown on this.

Now a little explanation. Tim bought me this puzzle at Walmart (Ed. note: We know there is a big anti-Walmart campaign going on out there, but here in little old Jiaxing, there aren’t a lot of choices. Sorry) It cost – get this – 10rmb – $1.60 It will be a difficult but interesting puzzle to do for a number of reasons.

  1. All the pieces are the same exactly the same size and shape
  2. Many pieces appear to fit together about 99% so it looks like they fit until you look really really closely
  3. They are about 1/2 the thickness of “regular” pieces so come apart quite easily
  4. When I took them out of the box there were about 50 sets of two which the cutting blade hadn’t quite cut and they wanted to tear if I took them apart
  5. On the back are letters – I think it was done in some kind of grid, so if you aren’t sure if the pieces go together, just turn them over and check the letters. I say this is cheating, Terry says “Tough”
1000 pieces of Chinese Life

1000 pieces of Chinese Life

The Shoe Blog

What can I say – I don’t get out much.

Guess Who

Guess Who


Time for Recovery Walk #1 of the day – Whoopee! (Please Write 🙁 )




17 thoughts on “Recovery is Boring

  1. Danica

    The puzzle should drive you to truly look forward to your 2 x 10min outside. Good news from the specialists in Shanghai. Glad to hear it. When your self portraits in the shoe blog start to include stilettos, that’s when we will worry.

  2. Val

    Too bad you are not in Havasu recovering. Bob and I would take our lawn chairs, drive down to the main beach and sit in the sun reading. Every half hour we would walk 5 minutes down the shoreline and then back to our chairs to read again. Two weeks of that helped. The only thing better might have been if it had been March Break and all the sweet young things would have been on the beach tanning. Or….maybe that might not have been a good thing for Bob.

  3. Lois

    Gerry just had a heart attack and is out of surgery today (7 hours) and is stable but he had a calcified section on the outside of his heart and multiple arteries that needed bypasses along with one of the aortas going to his brain. He looks like a mechano object with an oxygen tube down his throat for good measure. Very interested in your after care as he has been told to walk 1 mile per day…and practise inhaling as one does not do that deeply enough sometimes. He is in his initial aftercare so I have all the candles lit……Scary. As you both know too well.

  4. Kelly

    So glad to hear the news was all good! Yay!!! Now for that puzzle… Beautiful it is, but holy #^%! It looks like the puzzle from hell! Use the letters on the back. Do it!

  5. Bruce

    Glad to hear you are on the mend! All good news except the MacDonalds. There are so many great, cheap delicious restaurants in Shanghai and you go to Mickey D’s? Geoff, Geoff, Geoff! Next time go for xiaolongboa. (Dumplings). Lunch for two for about $.60.

  6. Sue

    That’s good news you received. Keep getting better. You didn’t mention crossword puzzles – they are good for boredom as well.

  7. Linda Nicol

    You might try looking into rug hooking. Know a few men who do this very creatively after using a few kits first.

  8. Diane

    I could send you some very exciting marking that I am behind on..- animal/pet nutrition options calculations, for example. Oh wait – no – that is likely in the boring category. Might make you appreciate the jigsaws? We are all wishing you speedy recovery. I have discovered that Khan Academy and other free online courses on just about anything can be quite entertaining and quite time consuming at times. Likely why I am behind on marking.

  9. Betty

    Hi Geoff and Terry. Yes boredom is not much fun, after 3 months with Butch and his lung cancer doing nothing much, he is now better and able to get out more and more importantly get down to his boat. You take good care of yourself and stay out of McDonalds, Butch did a lot of work there and stays away from the burgers and fries for a good reason.

  10. Wendy

    Geoff, Russ and I glad to read of your improvements with recovery. It must be boring though. Can appreciate that. Gerry will no doubt have the same thoughts as you as he continues to heal. Lord, with these health issues happening all around us, makes us sooo aware that it could happen to us as well, in a minute! Yes, try rug hooking. I became the ” happy hooker” when I had 3 children under age 6. While watching them play, I sat in the playpen with my wool and canvas! Take care.

  11. Tim

    I’m so pleased to learn the puzzle has “Chinese characteristics” that will provide additional challenges. You up to cooking dinner for Terry yet?
    Good short term goal I’d say. Next you can focus on organizing your sock drawer.
    Two turkeys to cook tomorrow here in Charleston – one weighs 22 lbs and will be fried, the other weighs 12 lbs and is destined for the oven.
    Sherrie sends her best.

  12. Judith

    Hey, little brother… I’m thrilled that you are feeling well enough to be “bored! Enjoy it! Soon enough you’ll have to get back to doing “real” work! Love you, J.

  13. mary thomas

    Hi ho there Geoff…. YOU ARE a PuZZLE and always have been so no wonder you are master at assembling them . It takes one to know one or something like that. Anyways, very very impressed with your skill set and moreso with your patience and talented sensitive fingers to piece everything so gently. Sounds like the puzzle pieces were so flimsy also. I think in recovery, your feminine side is coming out more and more…nice to see. ( not just because you were wearing those white girly slippers, by the way). I have a great idea.. scarfs are in big time in fashion so……. for xmas I could use a KNITTED winter scarf. No thanks on the hooked rug… too expensive for you to ship out and heaven only knows how long it would take you to complete. And here is something else that might wile your time away…. why dont you learn to speak Mandarin. Try Plimsar… that is what I used ( level 1 and level 2) and it certainly helped me when I was in Shanghai. OR sounds like you are a guitar fan… why dont you learn to play guitar using online lessons ??? If guitar too heavy for you to lift… why not do ukelele. Failing that paper and comb might work also. Just some very good ideas .

    We are so glad to hear of your good report from the Shanghai Drs. Certainly that should put your mind at ease somewhat . And hahaha… a man after my own heart ( oops)… going for a big MC !!!! I think I would have done the poutine at White Spot. They are so so so good !!!!!! Cholestral level just went up a notch just even thinking about them. Yes, they even surpass the famous Whitespot burger !!!! Now hopefully from here on in, you will eat heart healthy foods. Take care, my friend…. be patient: one puzzle at a time !!!!
    Another thought… as you complete each puzzle, shellac them and then send them as xmas gifts to friends who you do not like. NO !!! I would prefer a knitted scarf and with bright colours please.


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