I’d Forgotten

Well here it is Friday afternoon and I have made the big trek to Shanghai and back all on my own. Terry was like my Mom sending her little boy off to school all by myself for the first time. She was very concerned that I was taking on too much too soon, since yesterday when I went for a twenty minute walk I was quite tired by the end. I convinced her that it would be okay – the driver was picking me up here, dropping me at the train station, where I only had about 75 yards to walk then from the train to the subway, then a block and a half walk via a 35 minute rest at STARBUCKS  (Ed. note: where I stopped for a nonfat latte and yoghurt – my God, they had a fabulous looking yule log in there and a tiramisu latte – resisted both) to the doctor’s office. Cab back to train and then cab from train to home. What could go wrong?

As it turns out, nothing. There and back and only a little scare for the guards at the front gate. (Ed. note: More on that later) However, when you have been housebound for 6 weeks and really not in Shanghai for more that 5 months, you forget things.

For example taxi rides from Shanghai to the train. I bet that you didn’t know that you can get 6 cars moving in the same direction in only 3 lanes of highway. I had forgotten that. Sadly, I took this just as we broke free from the others and by the time I turned around they had sorted themselves out.

Add three more to these three

Imagine three more cars added to these three.

I am going to wager that most Shanghai restaurants serve family style with everything dropped in the middle of the table. Thus, when you go to a restaurant that doesn’t do that, they have difficulty figuring out how to serve. After the cardiologist (Ed. note: Getting better every week – maybe start rehab next week) I stopped at Wagas (think Bread Garden) for some lunch. I ordered a chicken and chorizo sandwich which came after about 15 minutes – but the coke had arrived 10 minutes before that, so at least they hadn’t forgotten me. There were two couples who had ordered as well. They brought the four meals and the three drinks all at different times over a fifteen minute time frame. I had forgotten that. They also brought me the wrong meal. I had two bites decided I didn’t like it and took it back. I got my sandwich 10 minutes after the last meal had been served to the two couples. BTW – it isn’t as good as the reviews and reviewers (yes that means you Barb) say it is.

I had also forgotten that women and their crying babies do lunch in Shanghai just as they do at home.

Do you know how long you have to wait to get TWO people with their eyes closed.

Do you know how long you have to wait to get TWO people with their eyes closed.

What else? Oh yes, I had forgotten that after a heart attack you are subject to the doctor’s orders. Thus I have been told by Dr. Loh that I am to have only 4 ounces of red wine a day – likely for the NEXT YEAR! When I asked about alcohol, maybe some scotch, the poor woman was apoplectic. “NO, NO, No alcohol at all. In fact, I tell most of my patients that they can only have 2 ounces of red wine a day since it helps the heart, but I think you will be okay with 4.” (Ed. note: Terry says “Dr. Loh looks like she’s never had a drink in her life.”)

Dr. Joey Loh, Cardiologist

Dr. Joey Loh, Cardiologist – “You’re killin’ me Doc!”

I had also forgotten that doctors have different opinions. Terry’s uncle Ken has been a doctor for more than 50 years and he suggested that I have this cough because of the diuretics I am taking and that there are others which would get rid of that. Dr. Joey (Ed. note: That’s what everyone calls her), who hasn’t been alive for 50 years, disagreed, saying that in her experience it was the edema and would go once that cleared up. Guess who “won”.

I forgot that there are very few people, and certainly no guards, in this complex who haven’t heard about the foreigner being whipped out of here in an ambulance a few weeks ago. Thus, when I got out of the taxi, walked for about 10 seconds, had difficulty getting my breath and leaned over to get it just by the guard station, it only took about 7 or 8 seconds for them to come out and check on me. Then they watched me until I was almost in the building just to be sure.

The Shoe Blog

I’d forgotten that I was supposed to get pictures of shoes when I go out. Have I shown you these? I forget.

Nice ...shoes

Nice …shoes




5 thoughts on “I’d Forgotten

  1. Bruce

    Yep saw the shoes before, but worth looking at a secomd time. I also really enjoyed the way the enlarged shoes in the inset almost look like the guy behind the girl.

  2. Val

    I understand Terry’s anxiety. I wouldn’t let Bob out of my sight for weeks. I agree with the comment about the shoes. I had a good chuckle about it this time too.

  3. Deb And Dave

    I know how Terry feels as I set up Dave’s breakfast and lunch when I go to work and then leave for 4 hrs.


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