A Picture is Worth…

According to Yahoo Answers, about 4 pages in a paperback novel. Since there hasn’t been enough going on around here to base a novel – or even a novella on, we present fourteen photos for you morning coffee enjoyment. If you think any of them could lead you to to write the next great Canadian novel, feel free.

(Ed. note: Before I let you go, Terry wants to thank the ten people who have sent Christmas photos so far. Hopefully she can get a lot more of your photos before the 15th. Please. tdwatt@qq.com or geoffwatt@qq.com)

Start Them Young

These first two are of a couple of girls at the mall. Sunday afternoon it was about 7º out so of course what do you do with the kids? You take them to the mall, outside of course, where someone has set up about 10 large easels and supplied pencils and paper as well as photographs for the kids to copy – freehand. The kids seemed to range from about 7 to 14 or 15. All 10 easels were in continuous use.

So focused

So focused

So they're only geometric shapes. Who cares..

So they’re only geometric shapes. Who cares..

Damned Republicans Lied …Again!

In the 1928 Presidential election, the Republican Party promised a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. The lied. Remember 1929?

You just can't trust the Republicans

This is a backyard on my walk. The chickens have their little walled off walkway while the rest of the yard is for growing vegetables. Very creative – and a good use of those old bamboo sticks you have lying around.

Hey Let’s Build Something Here

About a five minute walk from our front door was this large open space. At least it was open until they decided to build this monolithic building. It is big – but then, they never do anything small in China. Know what it is? Guess. Come on guess. Did you guess an International Kindergarten? If you did, you’re right. Wouldn’t want a small cozy environment for the kiddies first time away from Grandma.

Should be open by September

Should be open by September

Delicious Food

You might want to use a different adjective to describe this dish, but in China the only one that counts is delicious. After I finished this beef and red chillies dish, I was asked, of course, “Was it delicious?”

These are the left over chillies - there was almost as much beef.

These are the left over chillies – there was almost as much beef.

Krabi Thai

Terry had her inspection this week so we were out to dinner to Krabi twice with staff and visitor. The hostess managed to get her Santa hat to flow in the wind both nights!

How does she do that?

How does she do that – and…

Cool? Maybe not even in China.

…why does he do this? Cool Hair? Maybe not even in China.

And Speaking of Hair

Also on Sunday we made it to Starbucks. Not only was it chilly, it was fairly windy as well. Guess who used a can or two of hairspray. Terry says it is supposed to look like a heart, Geoff says she didn’t want to wear a motorcycle helmet!

I am so cool...

I am so cool…

Window Display

The Chinese don’t always use window space to their best marketing advantage. This toilet paper display took up 80% of the display window. The photo below is about 50% of the display.

And who wouldn't want to use Goon toilet paper

Who wouldn’t want to use Goon toilet paper? Apparently the kid on the left.

I checked VERY carefully - that is a G and not a C - but would it matter?

I checked VERY carefully – that is a G and not a C – but would it matter?

And a Little More TP

This delivery truck pulls to a stop just ahead of me. The swamper jumps out of the cab, climbs up on top, unties a couple of ropes and starts pushing. Effective, if no orderly.

One would hope this isn't the standard unloading practice.

One would hope this isn’t the standard unloading practice.

What is a Picture Worth?

1000 pieces of world famous art. 5 Puzzles down and 1 to go.

We now own a Renoir

We now own a Renoir for only 60rmb – $11.00

In The Market

This an advertisement for a new development in Jiaxing. You can buy now and pay nothing for 3 years. It advertises homes starting at 800 sq. metres – that is 8611 sq. feet or you can rent entire buildings of 3500 sq. metres or 37 263 sq. feet. The name of the complex is Wealthy Wisdom. I can make absolutely NO connection behind the “woman” and the product. If you can, please let me in on it. And if you want me to look for a new home for you in Wealthy Wisdom, I’d be happy to do that too. (Ed. note: Terry asked Daisy to interpret this for me “Yes, very large homes or could rent a whole building for business–3 years, no rent!  No people either maybe”)

Wealthy Wisdom indeed

Wealthy Wisdom indeed

Cool Transportation

Terry has taken to riding a community bike back and forth to school on the dry days – and I think we have only had about 3 wet days since getting back from Italy. She is becoming fit as a fiddle.

A Fresh Faced Terry

A Fresh Faced Terry

The Shoe Blog

I am losing my touch, I think. This was almost the best I could do this week. But they are kind of cute.

Complete with Snow Treads

Complete with Snow Treads

However, I was prowling around Taobao and there was a link to “High Heel Shoes”. Does that tell you something about the importance of heels in China. There were 10 pages like this – with 40 shoes on each page. You do the math. Why do Chinese women have so many shoes? Look at the prices.

Shoes Galore

Shoes Galore – My favourite are the “Fish head shoes sandals sexy black for only $8.79” (Ed. note: Shown in Silver and Red)



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  1. Judith

    Some of these shoes look very much like ones that Mum wore during WW2 (as seen in old photos) so, are Chinese women that far behind or, are we starting All over again!? Horrors!

    PS god to see you back!


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