This Post Has Absolutely No Theme or Flow and Almost No Shoes

As has become my routine in the last month, Friday morning I was on the 7:15  bus going to the train station for my trip to Shanghai. The infamous #97 bus goes past Jiaxing University. I guess classes were over in anticipation of the winter holidays which, depending on where you are, start tomorrow forContinue reading “This Post Has Absolutely No Theme or Flow and Almost No Shoes”

He’s Not The Man He Once Was

We are glad to hear that people are starting to read the French series – we know you will enjoy them. It has been quite a few days here in Merry Olde Jiaxing. Geoff had his final day of teaching on Tuesday. It has just been too tiring to go into Shanghai three days a weekContinue reading “He’s Not The Man He Once Was”

Sequins and Bubbles – oohhh…

To begin this post, a recommendation. I have just finished this series. Started the first on (In The Woods) on Dec. 30th and finished the fifth (The Secret Place) on Jan. 17th. Now, I know have more time than most of you, but that still is fairly quick for 5 books. Terry is also enjoyingContinue reading “Sequins and Bubbles – oohhh…”

Whoops – Geoff Forgot to Change the Name

(Ed. note 1: Please accept my apologies. We were waiting for photos. Happy New Year wishes are belated by real.) (Ed. note 2: Before Terry gives you some valuable information, let me tell you that on Dec. 20th the 5 staff of BCOSP plus Kris (Andrei’s girlfriend and Geoff) had the best staff Christmas partyContinue reading “Whoops – Geoff Forgot to Change the Name”