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Okay, maybe this isn’t the most interesting blog in the world, but I wanted to come up with a catchy title for you. We we went into Shanghai to meet a couple of young friends for lunch on the weekend. Lindsay and Mason are working in Qingdao for the year. We were to meet them at noon and at 11:20 they phoned to say that they were on the way to the Canadian Consulate – Mason had misplaced his passport. He lost it during a pub crawl on New Year’s Eve. Now, you need to know that it is almost impossible to move around China without your passport – no planes, no trains, no hotels – maybe bus and hostel at best. It was interesting to watch Mason deal with it – I would have been beside myself but Mason was (externally anyway) totally cool and relaxed with it. I always thought that the Canadian Consulate/Embassy was there to help Canadian citizens.  This, apparently is not the case. Although the website says that if you lose your passport you are to go to the nearest office, once you get to the Shanghai consulate they tell you that you have to go to Beijing. They were definitely not helpful.  While Mason was filling out the police report his friends checked out the last pub they had been at – and guess what – someone had turned his passport in! Alls well that ends well! (Ed. note: This is the abbreviated version. Also, if you go to the consulate site, it seems that their job is to encourage tourism in Canada and to tell visitors how safe Canada is. Your tax dollars at work.)

Mason and Lyndsay in Shanghai

Mason and Lyndsay – What? Me worry?

The other morning I followed this woman out of the apartment. She was wearing one house set and carrying the jacket of another. She had on rubber boots and was carrying a number of bags of miscellaneous stuff. Then she got into the Lexus. Moral: Don’t judge a Chinese person by what they wear.

"I have at least 2 house sets... and a Lexus"

“I have at least 2 house sets… and a Lexus”

On the bus the other day this little guy fell asleep. His grandmother is just gently holding him. How he managed to stay asleep in that position is beyond me – but now I understand when the Chinese start learning to sleep on the subway, on the sidewalk, on the scooter…

Sleep Training

Sleep Training

Also on the bus is this guy. We got on near our house, drove to the Grocery store across town – 30 minutes – spent 30 more minutes shopping and got back on the bus to come home. This young fellow was on when we first got on and still on when we came back. What is he doing? Watching a movie on his phone. I guess Mom told him to go outside…

The Most Interesting Movie in the World.

The Most Interesting Movie in the World

The two girls across the aisle got on the bus with me to go to the train station. We are sitting near the front. They drop these bags on the aisle and proceed to laugh about it. Everyone after them had to step over the bags. Thoughtful.

Don't move my stuff!

Don’t touch my stuff!

You know how at airports and big train stations they repeatedly tell you not to leave your belongings unattended. Well, these belongings were left unattended at the Hongqiao Train Station for a minimum of 10 minutes with no one anywhere near them. On the other hand, they are bags of LOVE.

Are these your belongings?

Are these your belongings?

Do you remember this photo? It was on the last blog and I asked how long this “Bus Parking Only” would last. I took it on Dec. 29 at 3:30 pm.

Bus Parking Only?

Bus Parking Only?

Jan 1, 2015 at 12:20 pm:

Well..At least they are sharing it.

Well..At least they are sharing it.

This is one of my favourite poster ads. I have no idea what they are advertising.


The short person on the left has a one piece bathing suit and a man’s face – while Lenin looks on. There must be something immoral here somewhere!

The Shoe Blog

Just outside Starbucks the other day.

Another Chinese Allstar

Another Chinese Allstar







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