The Philippines Adventure: Committed to Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising #1 We have made it to the island of Palawan and the city of Puerta Princesa – a first class city. Well, in the Philippines, a first class city is one which has an average annual income of 400,000,000 pesos or more ($11,288,491.18 Cdn). An interesting way in which to define firstContinue reading “The Philippines Adventure: Committed to Truth in Advertising”

The Philippines Adventure Leaves Boracay

Well here in are in Puerta Princesa edging ever more closer to the end of our marathon holiday – and let me tell you it seems like a marathon. We have had a couple of interesting adventures since last we talked. We finally got down to Puka Beach, the resort’s guests only beach. It was very differentContinue reading “The Philippines Adventure Leaves Boracay”

The Philippines Adventure – Boracay: Fun in the Sun

(Ed. note: I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I saw these two headlines in the Sun the other day: B.C. delivers ‘fiscal hat trick’ with third consecutive balanced budget B.C.’s soaring debt no cause for concern: expert Does anyone see a contradiction?) Our first day on the #7 best beachContinue reading “The Philippines Adventure – Boracay: Fun in the Sun”

The Philippines Adventure Round Two

(Ed. note: Before going any further: Philippines – spelled with “Ph”, one “l” and two “p”s, Filipino – “F”, one “l” and one “p” – WHY? Okay, rant is now done.) On our walk in Manila from the hotel to the Mall of Asia, we passed the Philippines Senate buildings. Outside were three shuttle busesContinue reading “The Philippines Adventure Round Two”

The Philippines Adventure Begins

After an uneventful flight, we arrived in Manila, tired and hungry.  We headed to our hotel, noted the armed guards with under-the-car mirrors and dogs checking vehicles at the gate, then headed into the lobby to discover it was Prom Night.  The place was packed with dressed-to-the-nines kids, age 15-17, we were told.  The noise level wasContinue reading “The Philippines Adventure Begins”

Oh Those Crazy Russians…

(Ed. note: A last photo of Jiaxing before we embark on our travels around Southeast Asia. This is the newest sign at the train station advertising a new apartment complex development. Well here we are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after our Malaysia Air flight arrived with no scares – just half an hour late asContinue reading “Oh Those Crazy Russians…”