Been Awhile

Well, we have been home for a couple of weeks now, trying to adjust to the cold, the work, the way the Chinese do things etc. etc. The time away was great although now we can’t help but count the days until we get home.

Today, some things we won’t miss.

We won’t miss the way the Chinese use government office parking lots for their personal long term parking.

Storage Lot

Storage Lot

We won’t miss the tendency to see telephone or other utility boxes left not only unlocked but open. I saw this one day and showed four security guards at the adjacent State Grid (think BC Hydro) offices, thinking they would call China Unicom to come and lock it up. Two days later it was still unlocked. On the flip side, it appears that the Chinese don’t vandalize things like they might at home.

So what if it isn't locked.

So what if it isn’t locked – it is still safe from wandering strangers

We won’t miss watching tens of tens of Chinese swimming across South Lake right past the sign that says “No Swimming”.

I am a swimmer - not a reader

I am a swimmer – I am not a reader

We won’t miss having to figure out just what the interpretations mean.

Is this just another word for jail?

Is this just another word for jail?

We won’t miss the lack of appropriate respect for seniors. I mean, when did the elderly stop being adults?

Elderly does not mean adult

Elderly does not mean adult – apparently.

We won’t miss – okay maybe we will, watching job interviews being done at Starbucks.

Look into his eyes

“I’d make eye contact if only he’d look up”

We won’t miss the taxi drivers. 2 stories over the past two days. Yesterday I took the bus back from Shanghai after taking Terry to the Pudong Airport. It took the bus two hours, 95% of the time on the nearly empty freeway at EXACTLY 80kph. Once at the bus station I had to get a taxi. At the train, they line up nicely and there is no issue. At the bus, not so much. They are parked all over the place with the drivers also all over the place trying to get a fare. The first driver I asked said “No”, – either he didn’t want to go or didn’t know where to go. The next guy said okay but then flashed two fingers – I assume meaning 200RMB, which is WAY over priced, but I wanted to get home. Apparently it meant that he wanted to get two fares, since we didn’t go until he had a SECOND fare in the car. Then we headed off – in the opposite direction from where we had to go. That was because we had to pick up a THIRD fare before starting home. When we finally got here he charged me 20RMB. You just never know what to expect.

Today I came back from Shanghai and got into the first cab in line at the train station. The driver had someone in the front seat – but often they have a friend with them so it wasn’t a big deal – until we started to go east instead of west. I started to make noises in the back – “Bao hao” (not good) so he stopped, stopped a cab going the other way, put the “friend” in that cab, turned around and took me home. No, I won’t miss that.

The Shoe Blog

Came upon this woman at the train station. Now, this is either a fashion statement, a fashion faux pas or a woman who is blind.

Two, two, two pairs in one

Two, two, two pairs in one

4 thoughts on “Been Awhile

  1. kenrhaycock

    But surely there are several things that you will miss too. (and I see interviews in Starbucks here too.)

  2. Danica

    Hilarious shoe blog. We used to do that with different coloured converse shoes. Never thought of swapping pairs of boots. Definitely a fashion leap.

  3. tdwatt23

    I will definitely miss some things. Wonderful Chinese friends and new friends from different places; the kids at at school –wondering how they made out abroad; tooling around Jiaxing on a bike to buy fresh fruit from trucks street side, the daily juxtaposition of new and old. Will not miss the lack of blue skies, circuitous conversations (although interesting) and crazy drivers. Looking forward to clean air, family and friends.


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