From Outfits to Shoes and All the Sights in Between

Hello. How have you all been since last we chatted? We have been well, thank you. You may have surmised that we are leading quite a sedate life here in Jiaxing, given the increasing infrequency of blog postings, and you would be correct. It now takes a couple of weeks for enough TIC moments to come together to share.

However I now have a few thoughts to share.


Here are a couple of people who thought they looked good when they left the house in the morning. The first is a 50 something woman going to the train station. Now it may very well be quite a comfortable outfit, but really…

Maybe a touch too much Paul Frank?

Oh my, maybe a touch too much Paul Frank? And do you think the plaid backpack clashes a tad?

Sadly this photo does not do the whole outfit justice. The skirt was far more “blowy” than it looks. She then plopped herself astride a motorcycle and away they went.

No - the blue is not a hat; it is just something in the background. Something tells me she wasn't happy about the photo.

No – the blue is not a hat; it is just something in the background. Something tells me she wasn’t happy about the photo.

Aaahhh The Kids

Terry and I went to get our hair the other day. This little guy was a hoot. He didn’t cry at all, but kept his eyes scrunched up everytime the stylists put the scissors in his hair and gradually lowered his torso until his head was almost touching his knees and the stylist would pull him up and start again. Amazing patience shown by the stylist!

Looked pretty cool at the end though.

Looked pretty cool at the end though.

This little guy was on the train going in to Shanghai. There is no story but check out those cheeks!

I'm thinking he is not missing many meals.

I’m thinking he is not missing many meals.

Let’s go back to the salon for a minute. This young woman is the hostess or greeter at the door. Between welcoming clients she sits on her stool and – wait for it – uses a qtip to clean her ears. Now behind her and also on the counter are piles of tea boxes which you can also purchase from the hair salon. Oh, and all those liquor bottles on the shelf and the wine glasses – just for show. Can’t even get a warm – let alone a cold – beer!

At least they are clean!

At least they are clean!

These two guys belong to a shoe maker. The cat is resting on the modem and keeping warm. The Westie was just so darn cute!

For all you pet lovers

For all you pet lovers

The User 

(Ed. note: Sorry – no photos) I was at the Shanghai train station the other day charging my phone and portable power pack at one of the power kiosks they have. I had charged it for about 5 minutes when a young Chinese man comes over and shows me his iPhone 6. Very nice – I have a 5. Then he shows me that it is almost out of power and asks if he could borrow my cable so he can charge his phone. I am somewhat taken aback, but the new flexible, sensitive Geoff says sure and gives it to him. Now my phone won’t be charged enough to get me home with my book and my reading, but one more Chinese citizen thinks Canadians are great.

The Stalker

I am at the Jiaxing train station to go in to Shanghai for my regular cardio rehab. A woman sits down on a stool about 25 feet away and starts clearing her throat. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the PRC so although I hear it, I pay little attention and don’t look up. Then she starts making unusual sounds and I finally look up to see that she is looking and smiling at yours truly. I quickly go back to my book. She is not to be ignored however and starts to yip like a little dog. Stupidly I look up and she is still looking and smiling at me. When I look down, she starts making louder attention seeking noises, but thank goodness the train is called and I am out of there.

Don’t fear – there is more.

I get on the train and settle in for the 30 minute trip. I have the window seat and there is someone next to me. About 8 minutes out of Shanghai, the man across the aisle from me gets up and moves off down the train. Guess who immediately plops herself down in that seat – and progresses to continue to stare across and smile at me. Yes. But I am okay because I am protected by my seat mate. That lasts for about 2 minutes until he decides to leave. Now she is ecstatic because she is sitting right next to me. I am less ecstatic, but manage to get a photo for you – for which she poses. On the back of each seat back is a fairly large knob for hanging your coat on. (Ed. note: You can see one on the seat across the aisle.) As we approach Shanghai – 2 minutes out, I stand up and she puts her hand on the knob blocking me from getting out. Now the people around are watching all this – waiting to see what happens. I just stand there – keeping my mouth closed and making no movement – I do not want an altercation with a Chinese woman – particularly a crazy one. After a little bit she drops her hand and moves out into the aisle. I break all the rules and go out the other way never to see her again.

She is looking at me and not into the camera...

She is looking at me and not into the camera…

What more can I say? At 63 I am still a chick magnet!

The Shoe Blog

We were in Shanghai last weekend for an admin conference – well Terry was there for the conference, I was there as a change of Starbucks pace. I took this from the Starbucks at the Shanghai Indoor Stadium – it is about the size of the Agrodome and the area around it is all these paving stones. The young woman in blue left this spot and walked all the way around it – took about 25 minutes to do. I would bet she needed a foot massage by the end of the day!

They look good with the jeans and sweater.

They look good with the jeans and sweater.

(Ed. note: Terry has promised to produce a blog this weekend regaling you with tales of the American Medical System at its … let’s go with most unbelievable.)


4 thoughts on “From Outfits to Shoes and All the Sights in Between

  1. peter

    Geoff Watt!! How can a guy who wears LOUDMOUTH golf gear even begin to berate the woman in her ‘loudmouthish’ outfit. Something about a pot and a kettle? Say, don’t you have a pair of shorts in that pattern?

    1. tdwatt23

      According to the Urban Dictionary:
      “A chick magnet is a young male possessing of an exquisitely appealing physique far superior to that of any other man. The chick magnet is legendary for his notoriety for sexually arousing any woman with his mere presence and afterwards women tend to return to the privacy of their chambers to secretly abuse themselves to relieve themselves from the sexual tension incurred by meeting with the chick magnet. A chick magnet has been known to awaken sexuality in women and ladies have been known to go crazy from the arousal. A chick magnet is slick, witty, smart, funny and irresistible to women. …. The chick magnet is the epitome of manhood.” Def. #3


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