The Times They Are A Changin’ *

* With credit, thanks and apologies to Robert A. Zimmerman

We have now been home for two months and, generally speaking, all settled in to our old/new routine. We have supped, dined, visited and golfed to our hearts’ content. We have watched with mild interest how the politics of BC and Canada are done – and the ones in China continue. We now realize how much the Chinese economy depended on us –  you know – their market crash (Ed. note: Anyone else see they have found the fall guy for that already? Its always the journalists fault. Good thing we got out). Terry is getting a little less excited when she goes in to Costco and sees the vast expanse of goods available for purchase. Geoff has, sadly, seen how little chance there will be for shoe photos.

What has occurred to me is how much I enjoyed writing the blog. That plus the numerous positive comments we have received over the past two months. Knowing that none of you are particularly interested in our daily lives here in Poco, I have made the arbitrary decision to change the focus of our/my writing but to continue with the blog, admittedly, with your forbearance and help.

In the next couple of weeks watch for the unveiling, updating and new direction of The Jiaxing Express. Hell, there may even be a complete rebranding and new name.

I’m excited about it (Ed. note: BTW – Terry has no idea what is happening so don’t waste your time pumping her for information) and hope you will enjoy the new version just as much as you did the old version.

Zàijiàn xiànzài

Home and Happy

Home and Happy (Ed. note: Re Geoff – See bold, italic, underlined word above)




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  1. Rob

    Dear Geoff and Terry,
    We miss you guys in China! You are looking great in Canada (notwithstanding Geoff’s shorts and shoes 😉
    Cheers – Rob (and Shelley)


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