Dangers of Visceral Reactions

(Ed. Note: My original thought was to continue to be a glib, flippant observer of societal ills and, in fact, I was all set to publish my first post in that vein, when a friend sent me the following after an evening of discussion and wine. I will definitely be my old where did that come from self, but I think given the seriousness and timeliness of the situation I’ll start with this one.)

Perhaps we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis or perhaps, as some may suggest, we are in the midst of a massive invasion by terrorists.  Or perhaps, most likely, it is a combination of both. It is difficult to accept that within the 800,000 refuges descending into Europe there are no terrorists. Just as there are thousands of legitimate refugees. It is easy to sit in the comfort of our homes in western Canada and express our views – but they need to be views supported by facts and not just emotional reactions. Over the next while I will be searching the internet for information about this crisis to offer you balanced perspectives on the situation. Hopefully they will contribute to good discussions. If you come across anything you wish posted, send it on to me.

Third World Invasion: Eyewitness Description, September 5, 2015

An eye-witness account from Kamil Bulonis, a Polish travel blog writer, who was present on the Italian-Austrian border on September 5, 2015, as swarms of Third World nonwhites  poured across the border to invade Austria and Germany (A translation from Polish):(Please note: all pictures from the Hungarian-Austrian border)
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“Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria I saw with my own eyes a great many immigrants …
With all solidarity with people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror … This huge mass of people – sorry, that I’ll write this – but these are absolute savages … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly “We want to Germany!” – and is Germany a paradise now?
I saw how they surrounded a car of an elderly Italian woman, pulled her by her hair out of the car and wanted to drive away in the car. They tried to overturn the bus in I travelled myself with a group of others. They were throwing faeces at us, banging on the doors to force the driver to open them, spat at the windscreen … I ask for what purpose? How is this savagery to assimilate in Germany?
I felt for a moment like in a war … I really feel sorry for these people, but if they reached Poland – I do not think that they would get any understanding from us … We were waiting three hours at the border which ultimately could not cross.
Our whole group was transported back to Italy in a police-cordon. The bus is damaged, covered with faeces, scratched, with broken windows. And this is supposed to be an idea for demographics? These big powerful hordes of savages?
Among them there were virtually no women, no children—the vast majority were aggressive young men … Just yesterday, while reading about them on all the websites I subconsciously felt compassion, worried about their fate but today after what I saw I am just afraid and yet I am happy that they did not choose our country as their destination. We Poles are simply not ready to accept these people – neither culturally nor financially.
I do not know if anyone is ready. To the EU a pathology is marching which we had not yet a chance to ever see, and I am sorry if anyone gets offended by his entry …
I can add that cars arrived with humanitarian aid – mainly food and water and they were just overturning those cars …
Through megaphones the Austrians announced that there is permission for them to cross the border—they wanted to register them and let them go on—but they did not understand these messages. They did not understand anything.
And this was the greatest horror … For among those few thousand people nobody understood Italian or English, or German, or Russian, or Spanish … What mattered was fist law… They fought for permission to move on and they had this permission— but did not realize that they had it!
They opened the luggage hatches of a French bus—and everything that was inside was stolen within short time, some things left lying on the ground …
Never in my short life had I an opportunity to see such scenes and I feel that this is just the beginning.”
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9 thoughts on “Dangers of Visceral Reactions

  1. Val

    I believe that the magnitude of the refugee crisis in the middle east is way too big to be solved simply by other countries opening their doors to hundreds of thousands of displaced people who are currently on the move in Europe, forgetting that there are hundreds of thousands more living in camps in Lebanon and Jordan who have been vetted and are waiting for visas to travel to their receiving countries. The civil wars in Iraq and Syria and now ISIL are creating millions upon millions of people looking for a better life in the EU and North American countries. Canada needs to take in more refugees certainly, but only coupled with a political and or military plan to end the root cause for these people to flee from homes and countries they love. Canada needs to have more consular staff added and placed in safe countries over seas to process legitimate claims and issue travel visas. But, the safety of our diplomatic personnel is a real concern right now in many areas of the middle east which is why they were pulled out months ago, slowing down the process of the refugees we have promised to take over the next few years. This is a complex problem that will need complex solutions and responses, not the knee jerk pontificating I am currently hearing in Canada. Our own Premier in Manitoba has stated this week that we are ready to take 3000 Syrians right now, knowing full well that there is no way this can happen. He knows that the chaos overseas precludes him having to come up with the funding for those refuges in the immediate future. Refuge Winnipeg has been waiting months for three families (24 people) to arrive who were accepted a year ago. The hold up? No travel visas so they sit in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Geoff, a very good blog that certainly should give rise to an excellent discussion. Well done, cuz.

    1. Val

      This blog needs a way to edit comments. Don’t I look like an idiot going on about refugees and spelling it wrong with no way to correct.

  2. Ray Kinasewich

    Geoff: please send this article to the Sun newspaper. I agree, refugees are welcome, but , we must be sure we are nothing but a staging ground for ISIL and other terrorist groups. This is a very sad situation, for so many wonderful families, but we must keep the garbage out of our country.
    Ray K

  3. Lynne Cregg-Guinan

    It will he interesting to be in both Poland and Germany next week and to see what the overall sense of things is. It is still a humanitarian crisis no matter what.

  4. Megan Hardisty

    It’s very interesting being in Germany and hearing some local views and the very difficult task of deciding what’s “right”. I am right by the train station in Munich where there are many arriving but haven’t gone near. Tomorrow we head for Italy via Austria.

  5. Lois

    Our daughter lives in Paris and she reports a growing anti refugee situation there? Ie 30 harassments for money on trains, 3 attempted purse snatchings etc. This would be on one trip. Although many of the refugees are from Africa, the issue goes beyond ethnic background. Minimal work, too crowded households, if they have one, language and cultural issues and tax based bailouts that are unwanted. There is empathy but the shere impact of the growing numbers is clouding that empathy. Very serious issue. The arrival of more will not be welomed by many especially afer the ISIS mayhem in Paris.

    1. tdwatt23

      I fear for the refugees. Too many people I know are afraid of what “they” might do. That they are mostly men etc. Our turning away from them will be the best way to radicalize the vast majority who just want what you and I want – a peaceful existence.


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