On Taxis, Trains, Buses and Planes

(Ed. note cum Side note: Since I have now officially taken over the writing of this blog, it is no longer appropriate for the asides to be known as Ed. notes, so I have changed it to Side Notes. These are still critically important, yet mostly irrelevant asides which should be shared with you, butContinue reading “On Taxis, Trains, Buses and Planes”


In light of the horrific weekend in Paris and Beirut, here are some interesting statistics and some articles on terrorism. Children dying from hunger/poor nutrition/water-related issues: on average 1 child dies every 10 seconds, all day, everyday or 3,000,000 per year In Canada, the 2015 projections indicate that 214 people will die of cancer everyday or 100,740 thisContinue reading “Perspectives”

Surprise, Surprise – Special Edition!

Well here we are again. I have been busy for the past two months trying to find interesting anecdotes to share with you. I have walked the lanes of Port Coquitlam, peering into backyards, I have joined a Fitness establishment, I have found a new office and also spent time in a couple of StarbucksContinue reading “Surprise, Surprise – Special Edition!”