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Maui – A Four Letter Word

Black Friday in Hawaii

(Side Note: I started writing this on Tuesday the 1st, when we really WERE just halfway through, but now it is Saturday the 5th and all we really have left is our date with the TimeShare people. More on that later.) Here we are half way through our winter vacation and there have already been some interesting times. On Friday we experienced our first official U.S. Black Friday. Even though we didn’t get to the mall until 11am, I was excited. I wanted to see, if not have the actual experience, people ripping things out of other people’s hands. I wanted to buy buy buy at incredibly, not to be beaten, low low low prices. I wanted to contribute big dollars to the faltering U.S. economy (Side Note: Plus the 30% exchange of course). We entered into Macy’s Women’s Wear Store to see – wait for it – no crowds, no fights and no great deals, just racks and racks and racks of Hawaiian print dresses. I think they must just save their left over stock from previous years and push it out onto the floor in the hopes it moves. There were sometimes 2 or even 3 women lined up at the cash registers! We wandered out of there and eventually found ourselves in Macy’s Everything Else Store i.e. men’s, children’s, housewares, bedding etc. etc. Here at least there must have been some very good deals since every checkout line had anywhere from 20 to 30 people patiently waiting their turn to buy a much needed (?) item.

It was very disappointing – until I came home and read Joanna’s post on Facebook and then sought out the Youtube video on fights in other American (mostly southern) states. I guess Hawaii is just too laid back. Sigh.

Our visit to Costco provided us with inexpensive, quality wine and the opportunity to see three foot tall Poinsettias for $28.07 Cdn.


There was one highlight, however.


It only APPEARS that Santa is gesturing at me – in reality, look closely, and you will see he is making the Shaka gesture.


Please meet Charleigh and Rylie – 2 of Angie’s 3 daughters. We got the reindeer hats when we visited with Santa. Do you remember getting these?

Saturday morning we were off to the Swap Meet/Flea Market. Well, Terry, Rich, Nancy, Angie, Charleigh and Rylie were off to the Swap Meet/Flea Market. I was off to Starbucks for a very unique experience. As one of the results of my heart attack, I have been seen a litany of counsellors. I am really getting a lot from the one I now see in Burnaby, and so,  of course, she leaves for Edmonton in January. If you think it is hard to find a hair stylist, try getting a counsellor you can relate and relax with. Anyway, I like her so much, we set up a Skype session for Saturday morning.


Starbucks is good for a lot of everything. I sat in the circle.

No one appeared to listen to my wanderings, which was a little disappointing as my life is so fascinating. It is very interesting to sit outside and from 2700 miles away, discuss your perspectives on life!

It is also interesting to watch people wash parts of the sidewalk for some reason or other.


I wash so it is clean.What’s your problem?

The Road Through Hana

Sunday we took on the road to Hana. For those of you unfamiliar with this road, between Paia and Hana there are approximately 620 curves and 52 – 57 bridges, which we’ll describe later.


Instead of going to Hana and back, we chose to do the more interesting sort of circumventing the island.

At various times on this adventure, we were reminded of Scotland, Cornwall, New Zealand, Cyprus, The Chuckanut Drive and BC. Although the drive from Haia to Paia is an amazing feat of construction (goes back to 1910), for my money, it was the stretch from Hana through Kaupo on the south coast which was the most breath-taking.

Our first stop though, was at the Sun Yat-Sen Garden. Who knew he spent so much of his youth in Hawaii? Who knew his once wealthy older brother’s family spent so much money funding 9 unsuccessful revolutions and one successful revolution against the Qing Dynasty that they died penniless?


Who knew Sun Yat-Sen Garden was at the exact place his family’s ranch had been in the late 1800s?


Who knew there would be huge poinsettia trees, absolutely covered with monarch butterflies?

Veg 2

Who knew there would be the most naturally shaped vegetation there?

Veg 1

Who knew there would be the most unnaturally shaped vegetation there?

From here it was off to the south coast. If you have travelled the highlands of Scotland or the coast of Cornwall or Cyprus, these places looked and sounded eerily familiar.


Next up – the road FROM Hana, Surfer Dude, the advantages of getting up in the middle of the night and much, much more!

The Shoe Blog

Remember Charleigh (L.) and Rylie (R.)?

Very very cool girls!

Very very cool girls!