How Could I? !!!!!

This post was originally entitled Jack Kerouac, Steve Hartman, Willie Nelson  and The Watts with the following question posed at the beginning: “What do these people have in common?” However, I suddenly realized I had left out of the last posting something critical, which had occurred on the road to Hana. How could I have done this? Being the honest journalist I am, I could not just throw it in as if it had occurred on the road after Hana and let it go. So with no other introduction necessary, here it is.

According to our hospitality and vacation ownership salesman, Todd,  (Side note: Time-share by any other name, but more on Todd in a later blog), during some typhoon or other at the turn of the century, all the chicken coops on Kauai were turned over and all the chickens got out. As a result, this is why all over Maui there are roosters and hens wandering around with impunity. (Huh?) Anyway they are ubiquitous and fearless. And now on to the post this was supposed to be about!

Jack Kerouac, Steve Hartman, Willie Nelson and The Watts

What do these people have in common?

After a great meal at Bruddah’s it was time to leave Hana. Now as mentioned previously, the road has something like 630 turns and 55 – 60 one lane bridges. To describe this road as harrowing, nerve-wracking and dangerous would be to greatly overstate it. It doesn’t even have great views. In order to give you just a little example –

Yes it is interesting in a twisted kind of way, but then, so is Kenny Gee.
The best thing about this road is when you come out of the forest/jungle to see the surf on the east side of the island. Between the blue water and the crashing waves it is spectacular. So spectacular they craved for a surfer dude. Sadly, since this isn’t an actual video and I’m no surfer dude, you have to make do with Terry’s amazing photos in a little Animoto production!

Monday brought us to the top of Haleakala Volcano for the sunrise. This meant getting up at 4:00 to be at the top for the 6:38 am sunrise. The top of the volcano is at 10,000 feet and we started out at sea level. Switchbacks, switchbacks and more switchbacks, in the dark, with no idea of how much of a drop off there was on our right. The saving grace, once you got to the park gate at 7000 feet, was that there were many, many taillights in front of you to guide you up the mountain. Now after much research, I have reached a number  of significant conclusions:
1 Many Asian drivers, not just Chinese, have severe difficulty parking cars;
2 Many young Asian male drivers with young Asian female companions, drive almost exclusively Mustang convertibles while on holiday;
3. Many Asian tourists, just as Chinese people in China, feel no guilt about forcing their way to the front in front of anyone else who may have been there first. (Side note: Like the woman who got there plenty early, set up her tripod and waited; only to have her view blocked by the young Asian couple who stood very precariously on the rock in front of her. Luckily, I didn’t take our tripod…)
4. Many Asian tourists feel it is okay to hold their selfie sticks up and take pictures of themselves, thus getting nice bright squares of light in the photos of people trying to get photos of the fantastic sunrise.

Despite all of this, the experience was wonderful, particularly since it was the first time in a couple of weeks that there had been a sunset. We were blessed.

(Side note: Chose this music just because it has always been a favourite of mine. Seemed partially fitting.)

Ever had lunch on the highway? All over Maui are food trucks which serve great meals. We passed some the first day we were travelling around – Geste Prawns. They were fantastic – 12 large prawns with rice and macaroni salad for $13.00. There were four choices – Maui Scampi, Lemon Pepper (Terry’s choice), Spicy Pineapple and Hot and Spicy (Geoff’s choice). If you ever find yourself on Kahalui Beach  Road do yourself a big favour and stop.


Terry at the Cash Only desk.


When I say on the highway, I mean on the highway


I think this might define incongruity or irony or something – parked at Geste Shrimp to get lunch

After our delicious lunch, it was off to Costco.

And one last interesting comparison:


One 12 ounce bottle of water at Costco = 25 cents. Same size bottle of water in the Coke machine at Maui Airport = $2.75.

Finally, what do Kerouac, Hartman, Nelson and the Watts have in common? They are “all on the road” (Side Note: Remember, in the last post we had just left Hana…).

The Shoe Blog

Four questions:

  1. Would you wear these in Hawaii?
  2. Can you guess the ethnicity of the wearer?
  3. What kind of car was she a passenger in?
  4. Have you seen these feet before? If so, where?



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  1. Lois and Gerry

    Great music with the clips. Thanks…Been to Maui and love that place and we are going there in April for two weeks. Done the Hana trip so won’t do it again. Been there…done that.


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