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Sunday, December 13. How fabulous is our weather?yard

Ok – maybe above was more like the weather one week ago in Maui and below is today.

I am sitting here trying to decide whether or not I should spend half an hour in the pouring rain digging a trench to drain the pool or stay inside and write a post. (Side note: I caved, but it only took 10 minutes to dig a draining ditch.)

So, back to Hawaii. We went up to Kapalua Golf Course to spend some money on clothing and my belief that there are nobs everywhere was reaffirmed. While we were there some guy comes in and tells the assistant pro that Troon has just taken over the management of his “golf and country club in southern Cal. Could I get a discounted green fee?” When the assistant informed him that this needs to be arranged by his course beforehand by calling Kapalua. “Well, here’s the number – just call them.” “No that isn’t how it works – we can’t be calling everyone’s club to check – we get hundreds of golfers through here.” Clearly the guy is used to bullying people to get his way – he was a very unhappy golfer who left the pro shop.

Someone who was there and liked us told us a couple of stories about Tiger.

  1. This person was acquainted with the plastic surgeon who did some work on Tiger. He indicated that the shot to Tiger’s Escalade was actually the second shot. The first was to his lip by Elin when he came out of the shower just after she read his phone. Remember how he disappeared for awhile after the incident?
  2. The last time Tiger was at Kapalua playing in the Tournament of Champions he refused to sign an autograph for someone’s grandson, backing his car up to drive around the boy. He was roundly booed and has not been back since.

Now, this may or not be true or accurate since it could be that he hasn’t been back because he hasn’t won a tournament. Also, according to our helicopter pilot, Kapalua is the second home to golfers Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholson. (Side note: Not a typo – he did say Nicholson.) So who knows.

After our visit to Kapalua we were off to Lahaina for a delightful lunch on the upstairs patio. Great food and drink at Koa. However, as Nancy was coming upstairs she had a minor trip on the stairs and skinned her hand and arm. The staff and management couldn’t do enough first aid for her, stopping just short of calling for an ambulance. Can you say “Please don’t sue us.” On the other hand, perhaps because she was so accommodating, there was no adjustment to the bill.

From there it was off to our helicopter tour of west Maui and Molokai. We had received a $165 discount  when we agreed to the timeshare presentation. (Side note: Story on time-share still to come!) It was interesting to see things from a couple of thousand feet. The population of Molokai is approximately 7500 and I think the pilot said that about 1/3 of them still live with no electricity thus a very traditional existence. He also pointed out the island where the remaining lepers live. When the last leper passes, the government plans to develop the island as a destination resort. Could be interesting.

Anyway, here’s a short video.


And from China – sort of.

One of Terry’s former students from China is at university in Nanaimo and  six weeks or so ago, his father bought him a used BMW. (Side note: He is 18 years old.) When he came over from the island to pick it up, we met him and took him to dinner (Side note: Actually he brought each of us a very nice bottle of wine and another one of our students who is in Nanaimo with him bought us dinner.) We chatted about his driving experience in China. He said that he had received his license in China shortly before he came here and that he had only ever driven on the highway (Side note: where there are  almost  no cars) both in lessons and when he took his test (Side note:  July or August 2015).  A couple weeks after that, Terry sent him an email suggesting that he might want to check with ICBC that his license was good here. He went in and was told that since he had a Chinese driving license, it was perfectly fine – he did not have to take a test, he did not have to have an L or an N. Quite unbelievable. This young man (Side note: FYI, I really like him) has almost no experience driving at all and yet no L or N. The mind boggles!!

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5 thoughts on “Back to Paradise

  1. Dave

    Everybody’s a Tiger hater. Geez, lay off already. We all know he’s the best to come down the road since Jack. So he has put his weeny where he shouldn’t have once in awhile, and so he can be rude. Who cares? On the golf course let’s see if any of today’s crop can even come close to his record before they fold.

  2. Wendy Wilson

    Love your blog Geoff. I laugh and smile. Enjoyed the Elvis Blue Hawaii song as you winged your way above some islands. Rather scary re your 18 year old Chinese friend driving on our very busy roads. I hope no harm comes to the 2nd hand BMW, OR, to him. ICBC had better do some background studies on Chinese highways. And, to you both, Happy Christmas.


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