Full Moon

A brief pictorial post of the full moon last night. The first three were of it as it came up over the horizon. It was spectacular. The white “glow worm” is trying to capture it before we stopped. The streak of light on the second was a car going by as we sat on the the side of the road just outside Palm Springs. (Side Note: More on how we got here later – it was a wild three days of driving!) 

The last one is about three hours later. Sadly the photo doesn’t do it the justice nature deserved. The sky around the moon was a deep, dense black – with the clouds brilliant white. Amazing.

Just move the camera to match the bumps on the road to avoid this. LOL.
Just move the camera to match the bumps on the road to avoid this. LOL.
They have no idea what they were missing!
They have no idea what they were missing!
Just above the horizon.
Just above the horizon.
Absolutely spectacular sky
Absolutely spectacular sky

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

The Shoe Blog

“Boxing Day is a holiday traditionally celebrated the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmenwould receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their masters, employers or customers.”

It has devolved into the wearing of either running shoes to get the best deals or boots for stomping on others’ toes.

Run, run, run.
Run, run, run.


4 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. Gotta say wow on all the pictures. Wild horses couldn’t get me inside a mall or big box store on Boxing Day! The moon shots are spectacular. The sunsets/sunrises are amazing in AZ. Enjoy!

  2. Happy to know you had a good trip and arrived safe. The moon didn’t make much of an appearance in our cloudy Clearwater sky, but everything else is great. Might pull out the snowshoes today. Have fun down there!

  3. We saw the moon also in California…spectacular but also saw the flaming streak across the sky from the falling Russian rocket that was burning out. Did not last long but amazing and POOF…gone.

  4. I had a number of friends comment about the lack of success on their Boxing Day Sales. A number of stores inflated the prices to supposedly slash and provide great deals. Example. A woman’s blouse that was selling for $60 before Christmas was retagged at $100 with a 40% off sticker. Ripoff!

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