Never, Never, NEVER

Publish a post after 2 martinis and wine without REALLY REALLY checking it over.

The video of the shoes was supposed to come under – naturally – The Shoe Blog title AND the credit was supposed to go to Kim Carabine for finding it and Bruce Carabine for sending it on to me. Please forgive my semi inebriated action. Now I will go to the hot tub and feel badly!

5 thoughts on “Never, Never, NEVER

  1. Peter

    And why does the calendar say 3:02am, December 31st? Why are we still on China time? Why don’t you stop soaking up the sun, stop drinking martinis and get your blog back to the heights to which it is (and we are) accustomed?!
    Please excuse the sour grapes. It’s damn cold outside!

  2. ggwatt

    In the Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine Video!! The time is because it is hosted in England. Don’t blame me if you…


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