A Visit to Barberville Produce

If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that on Sunday Terry, Dave and Geoff visited Barberville Produce AKA Barberville Produce and Yard Art Emporium. Here is a 5 minute video of SOME of the things we saw. The accompanying music has nothing to do with what we saw, but it is my favouriteContinue reading “A Visit to Barberville Produce”

Suwannee River aka Old Folks At Home

Some little know facts about the sunshine state. Little known fact #1: (Side note: At least by the author) The state song, which has had the lyrics updated so as not to offend, is “Suwannee River”. As far as I can tell, Stephen Foster never even visited Florida. This version is by the incredibly talented Paul Robeson.Continue reading “Suwannee River aka Old Folks At Home”

Florida: The Sunshine (?) State

Before we hit Florida, here are the flamingoes which guard the entrance to the JW Marriot Resort Hotel in Palm Desert. And at a rest stop on the highway… We had an interesting time getting here from Palm Desert. Thinking we were leaving ourselves lots of time to make our flight, we stopped at Starbucks andContinue reading “Florida: The Sunshine (?) State”