Florida: The Sunshine (?) State

Before we hit Florida, here are the flamingoes which guard the entrance to the JW Marriot Resort Hotel in Palm Desert.

Are they live - or symbolic replications?
Are they live – or symbolic replications?

And at a rest stop on the highway…

Is the water only for the disabled? Does it mean to water the disabled?

We had an interesting time getting here from Palm Desert. Thinking we were leaving ourselves lots of time to make our flight, we stopped at Starbucks and weren’t even frustrated at how long it took the barista to take our order. Amazing how many people show up on a Saturday morning at 7. Just like Christmas, why aren’t these people at home doing something – like sleeping? Anyway, we cruised along at 75 mph through California and 80 mph from the Arizona border. More often than not we were the passee and not the passer.

We finally arrived at the long term parking lot 1 hour an 15 minutes before our flight. Hmm, getting a little close. The driver of the shuttle says “No problem, lots of time”; the United Airlines pilot says “Cutting it a little close aren’t you?” We get to the curbside check-in and had only one person ahead of us. Great! Except she and Debby, the check-in person, were having a grand old time talking about the woman’s teaching job in Bahrain. Move it lady!

We get to the security line – oh oh. The security guy says that he can’t do anything – all we can do is to ask people if we can go ahead of them which we do and everyone says no problem. Very nice people. We finally get through, get to the gate and we still have 30 minutes until take off. Perfect. Sadly, for the writer in me, there were no incidents at all.

And now here we are in the Sunshine State.

Look at that sun!
Look at that sun!

Here’s the problem with travelling in the good old U.S. of A. They are just like us – not particularly worthy of note since they are so darn normal. We are having a very pleasant time visiting with Dave and Debbi (and son Jeremy) – and for all those of you who ask about Dave, here are the words straight from his very own mouth: “I am cancer free and able to eat most things, feeling stronger every day and generally doing hunky dory fine.”

Unfortunately we will not be making it to Charleston this trip since our good friends Sherrie and Tim will be busy with the birth of their grandchild. Hope all goes well there and we look forward to seeing them down the road. Update! Update!

photo 1
Say hi to Charlie everyone.

We have played a little golf thus far at Crane’s Roost Golf Course. Terry was a standout in the all male shotgun, and Dave, despite shooting higher than the other three of us, won all the money. Boo, hiss..

The 16th Green at 8:30am
The 16th Green at 8:30am

Apparently the cranes all move in pairs –

Pair number 1
Pair number 1
Pair number 2
Pair number 2

Many of the incredibly beautiful oak trees in Florida are being slowly killed by the Spanish Moss which covers them.

Magnificent Oak
Magnificent Oak

And please check out the “Why are we not surprised” department. (Side note: Click on it)

The Shoe Blog

Where are these from?
Where are these from?



4 thoughts on “Florida: The Sunshine (?) State

  1. You’re surprised that Starbucks is busy at 7:00am on a Saturday.
    1. old people don’t sleep
    2. Palm Springs is full of old people
    3. fill in the blank…………………………………….

  2. If you think that they are like us, you need to scratch one of them in the Starbucks line… You are staying with Canadians for heaven’s sake! At least no one shot you or asked if you want to make America (Mare-ika) great again!

  3. Let us know when you are returning to palm springs, we have the extra bedroom ready. It has been raining here for two solid days and our course is flooded. Gerry an d Lois

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