Suwannee River aka Old Folks At Home

Some little know facts about the sunshine state. Little known fact #1: (Side note: At least by the author) The state song, which has had the lyrics updated so as not to offend, is “Suwannee River”. As far as I can tell, Stephen Foster never even visited Florida. This version is by the incredibly talented Paul Robeson. (Side note: Quite unlikely to have been one of the old folks at home.)

Little known fact #2: The state bird is – wait for it – the Northern Mockingbird


Hey, I’m from the north just like all those damn Snowbirds!

Little known fact #3: The state flower is the orange blossom (Side note: Thanks Anita Bryant)


If this is the state flower, then why isn’t THIS the state song? (Side note: Or at least the lullaby “Hush, Little Baby” – author and date unknown, figure it out people)

Little known fact #4: The former governor is Jeb Bush – you know


Listen to Stephen Colbert’s take below


And now stuff I do know about…

We played golf today and for the first time in a long time:

Jan 7

I started AND finished with the same three balls!

Terry had a tough lie

Jan 7 -2

Good out Terry

The course was groomed to a tee


Eat your heart out Capilano!


However, there were some magnificent looking dying/dead trees to espy.


Almost every home in Florida has a “birdcage”. Some are just big enough to handle a pair of chairs so you aren’t bothered by bugs and some cover a little more area.



Just because your house comes to a point doesn’t mean you’re sharp.

In light of the apparent meltdown of the Chinese stock market, some pricing information. (Side note: How is it going for you Rosie? Rosie is a Chinese lady who lives in the complex we lived in in Jiaxing. She is a retired university professor  – they’re smart, right? – who was investing HEAVILY in the market and constantly maintained it would “Never, ever go down”. Ask her about that the next time you see her, Tim.)

We filled up Dave’s car today. 13.14 American gallons $25.00 US OR in Canadian speak 48 litres $34.77 CDN. Seems about right, right?

And finally, we bought some chicken today for dinner.


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2 thoughts on “Suwannee River aka Old Folks At Home

  1. Lois and Gerry

    Great one! Loved Colbert but I think he is brilliant when he does political monologues. Very clever. His new show…not so much.

  2. Sherrie Driver

    Hi there you two, or “y’all” in Charleston-speak. Those dead/dying trees are full of Spanish moss and resurrection fern (green on the limbs). Please let us know when you’re heading back to Florida so we can have y’all here. Sorry it didn’t work this time but Charlie is a dollbaby! Tim heads back to jiaxing Monday for 4 weeks. Keep in touch!!


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