A Visit to Barberville Produce

If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that on Sunday Terry, Dave and Geoff visited Barberville Produce AKA Barberville Produce and Yard Art Emporium. Here is a 5 minute video of SOME of the things we saw. The accompanying music has nothing to do with what we saw, but it is my favourite David Bowie songs.

Make it full screen, turn up the volume and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “A Visit to Barberville Produce

  1. Wendy Wilson

    Totally enjoyed song by David Bowie. A nice salute to him while I watched all the STUFF at Barberville. Some, I would even contemplate in buying IF we had a yard OR room in our 1000sq ft apartment. Liked the Shoe Seats! Love seeing and reading what you two are up to.

  2. Lois and Gerry

    I would take that pelican…a beauty but much of it stays in Barberville. Interesting …makes you want to see his cash flow records.


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