Terry and Geoff’s Big Adventures Continue

Well here we are again. This time, we are embarking on a month long excursion around Europe. First stop, one week in London with our very good friend Ken. At dinner tonight I was saying to Terry and Ken that I missed writing these posts. Terry articulated that she had had questions about whether or not we were going to write about our travels. So I figured, what the hell – who am I to deny others the incredibly exciting opportunity to read all about my, whoops, our travels.

We had an interesting ride in from the airport. Ken asked the cab driver if he had voted yet in the referendum to see if Great Britain stays in the EU. Here’s his almost verbatim response:

“No sir*. I don’t vote. All the politicians are crooks. If you could find the most honest man in the world and make him a politician, he would become crooked too. I once had a politician come to my door to ask me why I had not voted. I told him to get off my property and then I told him that he could buy my vote for £50 if he came and picked me up to take me to vote.” Nothing crooked about that! When he dropped us off, Ken thanked him and his exact response was “You’re mostly welcome, sir.” I guess one should never discuss politics with the cabbie.

After dropping our bags off, we figured we would need to keep going or the jet lag would catch up with us. (Unlike Terry and Ken, I had NO sleep on the 8 1/2 hour flight! Poor Geoff).

Victoria Memorial

The grey building on the right is where we are staying with Ken. The statue is the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace. One could say that we are close to the action.

We wandered past the Palace, watched all the tourists ignore the Keep Off the Grass signs, (After all our time in China I find that apparently the Chinese aren’t the only tourists who figure signs are for other people)

Flowers 1

That little sign she is looking at says “Please keep Off The Grass”, but who really cares?


Flowers 2

That little sign he is looking at says “Please keep Off The Grass”, but who really cares?

checked out clothes on Jermyn Street, saw signs for bespoke fitness and bespoke make-up (bespoke usually references clothing or shoes, but it actually means “anything commissioned to a particular specification.”), wandered up Piccadilly, down Oxford, across New Bond streets, through Green Park and back home.


From there it was a fight to stay awake, finally walking to Victoria Station to find something for dinner.

Now, most people might not rush to a train station to find a place for dinner, but if you are ever at Victoria Station and looking for a good meal, try out Wetherspoon (which is right next door to Yo! Sushi as oppose to Yo! Adrian). We all opted for the Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Salad. Sounds good doesn’t it. Well, the server brought Terry’s first. Terry tried it and found that a) the avocado had likely been previously frozen and b) there was no dressing. Then the server brought ours. We asked if the kitchen had forgotten to put any dressing on it.

“No, sir. We have run out of dressing.”

“Run out?”

“Yes sir. It is all gone”

“Is there any other kind of dressing?”

“No sir. We only have one dressing per week but we have sauces (i.e. HP, Ketchup)”

“How about lemon or oil or balsamic vinegar?”

“Well sir, we only have the regular vinegar or I could give you slices of lemon.”

We all changed to chili-con-carne and suggested that the kitchen might want to let the barman, who takes the orders, know that there was no dressing. She was most apologetic that in changing our orders it might be another 7 minute wait. It was worth the wait, very hot and meaty.

From there it was back home to bed. We went to bed at 9:30 and Ken knocked on our door this morning at 10:00 to wake us up. Jet lag – what jet lag?

*People who serve the public in London are unfailingly polite – cab drivers, store clerks, restaurant servers etc all use sir, ma’am etc.

The Shoe Blog

Ok, so this isn’t really just a pair of shoes and it is just a photo of a photo, but hey, she is wearing shoes, it is an ad for footwear and c’mon, who doesn’t like Pamela Anderson.


Stay tuned for our Hop On Hop Off Bus tour.

3 thoughts on “Terry and Geoff’s Big Adventures Continue

  1. Ingrid

    I absolutely adore London. Have a great time. We did the hop-on-hop off bus tour and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Rob

    Great to see a new post! London looks beautiful at this time of year. The picture of Victoria station could be Shanghai — are you sure you put in the right picture? OK, the picture of Pamela Anderson is definitely not Shanghai — shallow, Geoff, shallow, but I like it! Cheers Rob (Missing you in China!)

  3. Joan

    Have a great trip you two! Can’t believe you are already in London, seems like just yesterday you were here for dinner and cards!


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