Nothing But Beauty

We are as far away from the horror which was Auschwitz as one can imagine. It may only be 461 km – but it may as well be a million miles away. I was fortunate enough to be in Prague in 1990 or 1991, just after the fall of Communism. Ever since then, I have felt that if it had not been under that particular rule, it would have been the most beautiful city in Europe. This trip has confirmed that view. I have been fortunate to visit many major cities – London, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Krakow and, of course, all those cities in Southeast Asia. In my mind there is no comparison.

Prague is called the city of 100 spires and at the bottom of each of those spires is a beautiful piece of architecture. Every turn in every lane we traversed over the past 4 days brought us another magnificent building. Don’t believe me? Here are 12 photos taken over a two hour period on our first morning.

Building 1Building 2Building 3Building 4Building 5Building 6Building 7Building 8Building 9Building 10Building 11Building 12

Anyone want to argue?

More on the morrow, folks. Off to bed now – in Budapest!

3 thoughts on “Nothing But Beauty

  1. Wendy Wilson

    I friend and I were in Prague afew yrs ago. We loved it and even attended a concert one late afternoon. The architecture IS absolute beauty.


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