Lake Havasu – A Place Like No Other

Lake Havasu, Arizona is a place like no other. It is hard to know whether or not there are more permanent residents or snowbirds. Yesterday Terry and I golfed – more later. Then, with Rich and Nancy we went out to find Happy Hour. ¬†(Apologies to those who saw the the, third, fourth and fifthContinue reading “Lake Havasu – A Place Like No Other”

A Walk In The Park – Well, Maybe The Desert

Terry and Nancy went for a little walk in the desert today. Geoff would have gone but it was not long enough for him – just 8 miles or 16000 steps so he stayed home and did laundry and cleaned golf clubs. Here are some photos of the area around Lake Havasu. The first isContinue reading “A Walk In The Park – Well, Maybe The Desert”

Just How Much Excitement Can One Couple Handle

Well, enough of Salt Lake City – it was onto the color, noise and excitement of Las Vegas. Is it possible for one day’s travel to have such extremes? Not too many adventures along the way but there were some interesting sites. We saw this sign¬†four times between Salt Lake and the state line: TheseContinue reading “Just How Much Excitement Can One Couple Handle”