A Walk In The Park – Well, Maybe The Desert

Terry and Nancy went for a little walk in the desert today. Geoff would have gone but it was not long enough for him – just 8 miles or 16000 steps so he stayed home and did laundry and cleaned golf clubs. Here are some photos of the area around Lake Havasu. The first is of Carole, Terry, Nancy and Stephanie.



The previous two photos were taken on Carol’s camera and the rest Terry took. We have no idea why they aren’t as bright as Carol’s. We had a little rain over the weekend which really “greened up” the desert.

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3 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park – Well, Maybe The Desert

  1. Lois & Robert Marsden

    It was a walk like this where Gerry had his heart attack and then triple bypass…so this kind of walking up hills is out for us. But ….good exercise and scenery.


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