Lake Havasu – A Place Like No Other

Lake Havasu, Arizona is a place like no other. It is hard to know whether or not there are more permanent residents or snowbirds. Yesterday Terry and I golfed – more later. Then, with Rich and Nancy we went out to find Happy Hour.  (Apologies to those who saw the the, third, fourth and fifth photos on Facebook).

On Sunday we played “The Refuge Golf Course”. It is a semi-private course that I think we talked about last year. An Arnold Palmer designated course which the owners ruined  (8 par fours, 5 par fives and 5 par threes, and in the process losing the Arnold Palmer designation) in order to put in a whack of RV pads. Presently, none of the pads can be used because of some kind of ongoing law suit. Anyway, when I pay the green fees the guy tells me we get a couple of drinks and a food voucher for the lounge but since it is closing at 3:00 we may want to nip in as we pass it after the 8th hole and redeem them. As we pass I go in and the woman tells me no, there is no food, just the drinks. A little frustrated I order two beer and two hot dogs – and then wait. After twenty minutes Terry comes in to ask what the hell is going on. I tell her and the woman tells me she can have the cart girl bring them out. Okay I say – how much do I owe you for the hot dogs? “$23.50” I fall off the stool. We go out – the foursome behind us has STILL not caught up! Halfway down the 9th fairway the guy from the proshop shows up with our “food”

They looked much much better than they tasted!

They looked much much better than they tasted – and the fries were cold!

However the view from the 18th tee wasn’t bad.

Nice View

Nice View

On our way to the golf course yesterday we saw this building. Now, I know Urgent Care is the new “Emergency“, so I was wondering what kind of emergency would occur to necessitate hearing aids.

Urgent? Hearing Aids?

Urgent? Hearing Aids?

Then we arrive at the golf course. There are 36 holes at “The Courses at London Bridge” (A misnomer since they are at least 3.3 miles away from the bridge.) We check in with the starter and he tells us we are up next and playing alone, just as another couple roll up. He tells them that they can join us or play alone on the other course. Terry says hi, the woman smiles, the man looks over his shoulder at us and says “We’ll play the other course.” Talk about feeling rejected. No one ever wants to play with us!

On the fifth hole you see this retaining wall. It is about 20 feet high and all grey concrete – not that attractive.

wallIt does support this house.

Lovely little abode

Lovely little abode

On the eighth hole we had the attack of the ducks. This was about one-third of them. We watched them all waddle across the entire green, then turn around, fly back into the water, get out and start their trek north again.



By the 12th hole, however we had had it. The whole way around had been slow, but waiting 5 minutes for every shot (with the exception of our putts) finally got to us and we quit.

Luckily we were planning on going out for happy hour at 4:30! First stop – Barley Brothers Pub – 20 to 30 minute wait. Walked across the street to Javelina Cantina – 20 to 30 minute wait. Got in the car and went to Bad Dogs.


Got in just before the crush. Man do they like their happy hours down here! Single burger – $1.00, Double $2 and Triple $3. Add various toppings and you get quite a good burger for not much money. However, not all was perfect. Three of us ordered Margaritas – but their blender was broken – how does that even happen in a bar – so they were on the rocks. I’m sure there was tequila in there, but it was hard to tell through all the ice, so when I finished mine I moved on to wine. After Rich finished his beer, we ordered some more wine. The waiter returns and says “Sorry, we are all out of wine glasses, can I bring it in a pint glass and can I have your glass to refill it please”

Ever seen wine in a beer glass?

Ever seen wine in a beer glass?

But the bill? Check it out.

10 drinks - $30.50, 4 burgers, fries, wings, chips and salsa -

10 drinks – $30.50, 4 burgers, fries, wings, chips and salsa – $18.08.

Every Thursday afternoon/evening classic car collectors show up on the main street to show off their cars. Here are some:


Check out this license plate and don’t miss the “cherry on top” either.3 4 5

Who remembers the old bench seats with your girl cuddled up close?6 7 8 9 10 11

Now, on a totally different note, if you would like a really good chuckle and you like Billy Connelly, check this out. It is a couple of years old, but I just came upon it. (For those who are highly politically correct, you may want to give it a pass)


5 thoughts on “Lake Havasu – A Place Like No Other

  1. Lois & Robert Marsden

    Funny clip. We have seen him before and he is a very funny man. What a mess in your trip to Lake Havasu…Did you know that they did not buy the London Bridge..oops…bought another one they THOUGHT was the London Bridge. Ah well.

  2. Val

    We love Lake Havasu as a winter home. Sorry we miss you and Terry every year you manage to get there. In reply to the above comment, there is a popular rumor that the bridge was bought in the belief that they were buying London’s more recognizable Tower Bridge, but this was always denied by McCulloch who negotiated the purchase and by Ivan Luckin, who sold the bridge. They did in fact buy The London Bridge.

  3. Joan

    We love lake Havasu too. . . . only been there once but had so much fun and so many stories to tell. Just wondering who drank all the tequila’s on the bill?


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