The Houses of God

First, an advance warning (I cross out advance because a warning is, in itself, in advance just as YOU CANNOT PRE-BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT as you are often asked to do in haircut places. You either book an appointment or you don’t! Note some frustration there?) Anyway, back to the warning. In our next blog, which will cover our visits to Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Bryce Canyon, you will be entertained by the eloquent words and stunning photos of the original writer of this blog. Yes Terry is coming back. (Rah rah, cheer cheer) However she has had a few very taxing days and needs time to recover and prepare. I assure you though,

“It will be worth it, if not for the sake of this song blog but for the
Sake of your own peace of mind.”      The Animals – San Francisco Nights, 1967

Now for the Houses of God.

After our sojourn getting us to Page, Arizona we enjoyed a fine dinner of Pringles, chocolate and wine in our room. It was like a kid’s picnic. The next morning we traipsed into downtown Page to the tour company’s office. We passed by these churches – all different denominations. They were all right next to each other – all on the same side of the street. I guess if you didn’t like the sermon in one, you could just slip next door. Church Street in downtown TO has nothing on Page.

There were actually two more - one photo was blurry and the Jehovah Witness church was a half block down a side street.

There were actually two more – one photo was blurry and the Jehovah Witness church was a half block down a side street. We particularly liked the middle one on the right – the sign is for Lord’s Gym!

We are staying at Ruby’s Inn in Bryce Canyon City, where we had a real dinner. Apparently people who come to Utah can’t do math, as we also found this on the bottom of our bill at the pizza place we went to for lunch in Panguitch.

Just a little help for you

Just a little help for you

We got up this morning ready to go for our first visit to Bryce Canyon and found our bottle of water in the car quite frozen.

Chilly last night

Chilly last night

After a few hours exploring the canyon, we went into Panguitch for lunch – quite a good pizza.

C Stop - not quite sure what the C stands for though.

C Stop – not quite sure what the C stands for though.

On the back of the door in the women’s washroom was this poster.

For three counties

For three counties – Iron, County and Beaver

Now, when the sign on the door to the men’s washroom says “Closed – Please use women’s washroom” I am left wondering if anything could go wrong…

Panguitch is a town which had a population of 1,623 in 2000 and I feel confident in saying it hasn’t grown since then. The town has a significant Mormon population.

We asked the server at C Stop where we could get a bottle of wine. She told us to go to the state liquor store on main street “Next to the hunting store but look closely because it has just a small window and you might miss it.” We are, after all, in Utah now. (Remember Provo, Ken?)

Terry is in a hurry to get her wine

Terry is in a hurry to get her wine

The store was reasonably stocked – had a choice from about 20 reds and 20 whites and there was quite a range of hard liquor. There was a box of chocolate bars on the counter with a child’s hand printed sign “Help Sam go on his school trip $1.00” and another hand printed sign that said “Mixers – Cash Only“. Apparently the liquor is the state’s and the mixers are Heather’s (it is Heather’s Liquor Agency). Our final bit of conversation with the woman working there – not Heather, disclosed that “The Jack Mormons come to the back door, tell me what they want and I take their money, get it from the shelf and bring it back to them. They can never be seen in the store.” Aaahhh Mormonism.

It also has a Days Inn…

Not quite full today

Just not quite full today

Apparently windows aren’t a big feature of Utah schools. This is the high school.

Several windows, but small and not likely to offer distraction to the students studies.

Several windows, but small and not likely to offer distraction to the students’ studies. Look closely on the right – there are windows there.

The high school is a veritable school of glass compared to the middle school across the street.

We saw all four sides - these are the only two windows in the .

We saw all four sides – these are the only two windows in the prison school. Certainly would encourage focus.

As we drove around town we came upon this place – just someone’s home with a lot of stuff.


Home on the Range

Home on the Range – click on the picture for a better view.

and this one

Could they do eyes there?

Could they do eyes there?

Now some more Houses of God.

House 1

House 1 – interesting doors on the garage

House 2

House 2

House 3

House 3

Why, you might ask, have I called these Houses of God. It is because they all have two very distinct entrances to the home – one for each of the wives.  We think there is an entire street which has several homes like these in a row, but sadly we couldn’t find it and Terry refused to ask someone “Hey, where is the street of Mormon houses – we can’t find it on the map.” Talk about a no fun girl!

Well, that’s about all for now. I am giving you advance warning though. One day soon I am going to put together a blog of “The Many Faces of Terry”. Wait for it.


BTW Bruce – I was going to use spelunker, but I try to write without technical jargon getting in the way of my ramblings.


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  1. Bruce

    Thanks for the update.

    Confidential note to Geoff:

    Spelunking is such a great word, I try to incorporate it when ever I can. Even when it’s not appropriate. i.e. The heavy rain spelunkered into the street. Try it. No one will notice.

  2. Wendy Wilson

    Love your Blogs, both of you. You do have fun on your many travels. Even when the towns are quite smallish. I do look up the names of places you mention, but sometimes, even with a magnifying glass, I can hardly see them on my world Atlas. Take care.

  3. Jas

    Among churches, I would encourage you to look up Sikh temples (Gurudawaras). Everybody is welcome plus possible free Lunch or Dinner, vegetarian of corse.


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