The Boma Part 2

Not an awful lot to write about here – just some photos courtesy of Cathy, Karen, Shannon and Cheryl.

A view of the roof from inside.

The light inside the home was not great. There was only one window and it was quite small.

The bed – clearly. The “blanket” was a tanned cow skin.

To the woman’s right is the fire where meals are cooked

The one window is about 15 inches by 12 inches.

I love this photo. Often times when you wanted to take a photo, even if they had agreed, the person would look away.

Inside wall under construction. I’m not sure what the piece of aluminum is but I doubt that it is an eave.

Finished inside wall with the jerry cans waiting to be filled

This was actually a very comfortable stool.

The inside of the bomb was very dusty. I can’t imagine living in it day after day.

The man on the right is the son of the Mama.

This is a “kikuyu” or gourd. It is a from a calabash plant and is used to keep goat milk cool for a couple of days.

And now some of the kids

This little girl was carrying the littler on all the time we were there.

They were fascinated by either the smoothness or the whiteness of the skin.

This was the “head” mama. I think that everyone here was related to her – sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren.

Very cute kids

He was a happy little guy – always smiling and giving the big thumbs up.

I’m not sure what she was carrying on her back.

Grandma and a couple of the little ones

I’m not sure if this was a play house or served a more practical purpose but the kids seemed happy.

The Shoe Glove Blog

After an afternoon of smearing, all the gloves had to washed and dried in anticipation of their next activity.

All clean

Next post – Off On Safari.

4 thoughts on “The Boma Part 2

  1. Val

    I think the picture of the mother and baby in the boma was beautiful especially because she was looking away. It is an award winner. I am enjoying these posts and the very interesting pictures. Are you planning a gallery wall in the condo?

  2. Lois & Robert Marsden

    Very interesting photos and agree, that photo of the young mother and child was a beauty . BUT…glad I live in Canada.

  3. Robert Bevis

    Amazing photos and seems like a great trip. Miss you but glad to see your life adventures are continuing!. Cheers – Rob


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