Too Stupid to Live

Our travels so far

After 7 days in and around Skerries. First two nights were in and around Westport and then we headed off to the south.

One of the first interesting photos we came across was a truck. No on said anything for a while and then the obvious comment came and we all agreed we had been thinking exactly the same thing…

Who needs an entire truck load of Syphilis? and why?

Overlooking County Mayo

More spectacular County Mayo area.

Somewhere along the coast

Terry has taken to collecting signs for redecorating the laundry room at home. Unfortunately none of these were available for sale.

In Ballyvaughan “Cows by the Harbor” – kind of like Dogs Playing Poker

For lunch we stopped at Moran’s On The Weir (Ed. note: Can you figure out where the preposition comes from?). Since we were still in August, we asked the server about the “don’t eat oysters in months without an ‘r’ in them” rule. We were told: “Oh yes, that is true and we don’t serve the local oysters in those months. However, we bring sprats over from BC and plant them in our beds across the the road (literally) and then serve those ones. They develop the same taste and flavour as the ones in the bay outside.” ??? What??? Does this make any sense? By the way, did you know that 3 Pacific salmon have been caught lately in the Thames? Due to global warming they have swimming in via the Bering Sea. They are either really really lost, or have amazing memories!

Fantastic mussels, fish and chips to feed an army and potato fish cakes to feed a nation – oh and Terry had 5 fresh oysters.

From there it was off to the Cliffs of Moher, an absolutely spectacular portion of the Irish coast. (Ed. note: If you have other words for “spectacular” please either send them to me or substitute them when reading this.)

The Stack – well named don’t you think?

Look closely, those little knobs in the distance are people.

Wow – they are about 500 feet high.

More cliffs, more people

The inset in the rather large white square is the ledge to the right.

Up until 5 or 6 years ago, people would sit on the edge…Lynne saw some young people playing cards there once.

More people, more cliff

Terry and friends

No Terry did not break the fence – it was an arty moment.

I heard a woman (not Lynne) ask her partner if her hair was okay. What do you think?

No, that’s not product.

Are you getting the idea that they are amazing?

Looking north

Looking south

And so we move on. This is a view of Lahinch, to the south of the cliffs. They have a spectacular (Ed. note: There’s that word again) golf course I would have loved to play. Besides the $300 price tag, Terry’s shoulder isn’t allowing us any golf this trip. Maybe next time.

Lahinch. The golf course is to the left of the houses.

This is a screenshot of the course from above. I would likely need more than one ball.

Lahinch golf course – I did get a shirt however.

Off to Ennis to visit with Martin’s sister – an absolutely delightful woman. So cute, so funny! Thanks for a great time Anne. Before we got there, however, we passed by these figures as we entered the town..

Just a bad idea!

For Lynne

The Arran Islands

For Martin

To end our “spectacular” day, we went off to Brogan’s for dinner. Lynne opted for the ribs (since the fish and chips which would have fed an army at lunch had well worn off).

First the look as they arrived.


Now a closer look.

The rack is wider than she is!

Finally, we were disappointed she didn’t finish the chips, slaw and salad.

They were damn good! If you ever find yourself in Ennis, you MUST go here. All our meals (I couldn’t finish my steak) were incredible.

Here’s the kicker though. The young girl sitting next to us finished her entire plate AND had a wedge of chocolate cake.

And now the reason  for the title. All along the cliffs are these signs:

Kind of clear, don’t you think

There are also many many signs to sty away from the edge – behind the wall. However

And why wouldn’t you

Until next time.




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