The Beauty of Ireland

Well we reached the south of Ireland.

Here we are – all the way down to Knightstown on Valentia Island an island of 800 people- just across from Cahersiveen.

We’re going to divide this post into Variety and Views. We lead off with variety.

Despite having a somewhat mediocre pint in Castleisland – aptly named since it is land locked we came upon these two signs. The first was in a pub and the second – well, you figure it out.

You Go Mouse!

Just what does that mean?

Not sure how this would even happen. It was on an SUV which had a rear door that opened.


Dyslexic maybe?

These were on the ferry wharf. Pretty sure they caught the lobster that morning that became my dinner that evening -see below – which I had in the cream building just beyond them.

Dinner traps

Nothing fancy – just pure lobster – and fresh crab to replace the bits you don’t eat.

This sign was above the door inside the restaurant. Laughed like a madman…

Politically Correct?

I wanted to sing The Loadout by Jackson Browne to these guys.

Like the supervisor on the left – he was directing them.

Our ferry to Knightstown.

We had five cars on our voyage

Which weed do you think they meant?

I was then confused about the spelling of Knightstown – or is it Knights Town?

Sell pretty much everything, I guess

Anchors away, Terry, anchors away.

Somebody got something wrong

Go right – no left, no…

I quit!

I’m not digging another damn hole.

We stayed at the Atlantic Villa B and B where everything came from their garden – eggs, edible nasturtium garnish, and the wild boar sausage. Not sure how they came from the garden but far be it from me to comment. I will say that I have never eaten sausages so hot. I cut them up into little pieces and still the steam came off them. Left one because it was just too hot.

Fresh eggs for the Atlantic Villa B and B

The obligatory arty photo

See caption below

No words except that Terry found this a little disturbing. How about you?

And now, well almost now, the views.

Terry on the way to the top of the island.

The Three Amigos

Young (ish) love

And NOW the views

Dingle Peninsula

Controversial Skellig Michael – home to the final scene in Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Terry thinks this looks exactly like a breast with the nipple standing – perhaps it is cold?

Really Terry, a breast?

View from the restaurant at dinnertime.

The Sporadic Shoe Blog 

We had a long chat with the owner, Bridie. I told her about the shoe blog and she very graciously allowed me to take the picture


And now, just wait for the next post. The photos are – wait for it –




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