The Beauty of Ireland – Part 2

After our hearty breakfast we were off. Jackie, our B and B host, told us we should do the Bray Head loop, that it held fantastic vistas. When we got there the signage indicated that the loop was 5k which wouldn’t be a problem for four fit hikers like us.

We crossed over the stile to the unfenced pasture and came face to face with several of the inhabitants.

Just grazing away

Further up

More of the inhabitants


Hope that pink is just paint… and not that, as Martin suggested, there may be a Kerryman in the area.

Now the path up was just a little rocky but not too bad.

Martin on the way up

Looking back dow the trail all you could see was the gorse on the bog.

Looking out just before we start to climb. Skellig Michael (home to the final scene in the last Star Wars movie) in the distance

More cattle – they were bored by the view I guess since they never really looked up.

Remember Where’s Waldo? Well, spot Bessie

Can you find me?

The gorse is quite attractive, unless of course you are looking for a golf ball.

Looking out from the viewpoint.

Skellig Michael

I take Terry taking me taking Lynne and Martin

Terry takes me taking Lynne and Martin

Okay so it looks like a pleasant enough jaunt, doesn’t it. Well it wasn’t. The path to viewpoint was fine as the picture showed. That was about 2200 paces. After that however, there was no gravel path just a frequently walked path through the gorse and heather – and that was covering the wet bog which lay just beneath. If we had known then what we know now I am 100% confident we would have just walked back down the way we came up, but being the intrepid hikers we are, we set out to complete the loop. Terry and Lynne had shoes on while Martin and I were in sandals/flip flops. Have you ever walked through gorse in sandals? It is an experience I would highly recommend if you want to get the feeling of walking over broken glass without actually breaking glass. It was also another 4000 or so paces to get back down and was quite the adventure. We had to wander all over the place looking for the driest way down. Add to that the fact that ever since we had left the car I had needed the facilities and – well, let’s just say that it was a little tight coming down.

Looking back it doesn’t look that bad, does it. That dark green strip in the middle is kind of like Chinese traffic lights – just suggestions since it was often very muddy where that “path” went.

From above you can see the distance but you can’t see the elevation or the vegetation. Even the cows and sheep didn’t bother going up there.

I can’t wait to get back to the KVR trail!

From there it was off to Sneem via a very twisty turn narrow road along the south coast for a spot of lunch.

Beautiful river

Bars, bars and more bars – both the gray and yellow buildings are also bars.

This guy looks about how I felt.

I’ll just have a wee nap…

If you saw this photo on Facebook, I think I mentioned that it had been a loooooonnnnnggggg day. It started with the trek, then took 5 hours of driving time to cover the distance that says it should take 3 hours and 8 minutes to cover.

It never tasted so good!

How does it take so long to get anywhere?

We were also exhausted because we could not find a hotel for the evening – everything was booked for some bizarre reason. We finally found the Hiberian Hotel in Mallow.

If you are going to use the toilet in this hotel, you need a game plan since once you sit down and fully reach out, you are still 18-20 inches away from the roll.

Reach out and I’ll be there

Until next time.

5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Ireland – Part 2

  1. Peter Therrien

    Intrepid hiker? In flip-flops? You golf in high heels too?
    Great pics! That you peaking out from the bottom left corner of the blocky building?
    Hey! After a long day, why don’t you splurge and have a Guinness?

  2. Wendy Wilson

    What fun you people are having!! Thanks for all the info, and the great photos. Yes, hiking in flip flops is really not a good thing. But, hey, you did it, and that’s the main thing.


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