I Have NEVER Done This!

1. You will have to bear with me but this will be a bit of a rant which I am sure you will give a laugh or two.

2. Thank you to Peter, Vern, Tom, Larry, Dave and Dick for your generosity – without it I wouldn’t be writing this.

Okay, let’s start with yesterday. My sister, Judith, and niece Megan are here for a few days. We have had a good time and visited more than a couple of wineries. Went to Dirty Laundry and Silkscarf Sunday they were both very busy but we had a great time at both. Then we went to Misconduct. There was no one there but the young woman working behind the counter who had less than no interest in talking about the wine. It was splash, drink up, splash, drink up, splash, get out. It was, up to that point, the worst experience I had had at a winery. I even mentioned that we had had a great meal there this summer which elicited no real response.

Tuesday we we decided to hit a winery or two and then have lunch at one of them. Our goal was Hester Creek, but we started at Quinta Ferreira. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Quinta Ferreira, they produce fantastic wine. When we went in to the tasting room there were 7 women there who were on a tour. They knew the woman who was doing the talk. Then the owner joined us. Aaaahhh. He started out by asking one of the woman “Are you Chinese?” ” No, Japanese” (Ed note: Actually, I think she was Canadian of Japanese heritage). Anyway, he says “Well you all look alike.” Hmmm. Then he says “Who wants the big one?” This goes over like, well, it doesn’t go over at all, but the lack of response doesn’t faze him – he asks three or four more times before I finally say “I’ll do it” the women all applaud me. He gets Terry and I behind the “bar” and tells Megan to get her camera.

It was just a little inappropriate and misguided, I think. The poses where all directed by him – particularly the last one.

Now Scott and I had the gentlemen mentioned in #2 above up here to golf this summer. They very graciously gave us gift cards to La Casa Ouzeria, which has a wonderful reputation. I made a reservation for the four of us for 7:00. We show up on time and wait and wait and wait while a young woman passes in front of us 4 or 5 times without recognizing us. Finally another woman approaches us to seat us – right in front of the door. Now the place is half full – or half empty – so Terry asks if we could get a different table and she says “Well, that table will be leaving in a few minutes if you want to wait a few minutes.” I ask “What about that table by the window?” She replies, “Well, those tables are quite tight to the other ones” What? Anyway, here are the highlights of our experience:

1. Server asks three of us what we want to order.

2. Server asks if we want garlic pita bread.

3. Server asks the fourth what they want to order.

4. Server brings BUNS with oil/vinegar dip.

5. Server takes away two bread plates BEFORE she brings the garlic pita bread.

6. Server takes away condiments while we are still eating – “Just clearing away the clutter”

7. Server asks if we want dessert. “No thank you” “I didn’t think so”

8. I have never left no tip until tonight. (Ed. Note: Doesn’t sound grammatically correct somehow)

9. Server asks if there was a problem with the service when she sees no tip and I tell her why.

10. Server says “That’s what I was told to do” I tell her that I would be happy to tell her manager what I told her.

11. Server disappears.

12. We wait 5 minutes and then leave – no manager shows up.

Anyway, that’s. my rant for tonight. Look for photos of Ireland soon.

5 thoughts on “I Have NEVER Done This!

  1. Peter Therrien

    Damn! I knew we should have bought MacDonald’s gift cards!! This place was supposed to be good! Please go back and talk to the manager. He was great when we went in there. BUMMER!!!!!!!

    1. David

      That is very disappointing to hear Geoff! We went to great pains to ask for the recommendations of the place to go. If we had known we could have made dinner for you at your place while being rude and obnoxious for half the cost……….Oh wait we did that last summer while staying with you.


      Hopefully you can find a winery where they will be delighted to talk with you about their wines and not indulge in crass banter and posing. I recommend La Firenze Tin Horn Creek or even Poplar Grove.

      Take care


      1. ggwatt

        I know you did. We were talking with Scott and Ria last night and they too were surprised as they had heard only good things about it. Maybe it was me… We are planning more wineries this weekend – couples golf weekend in Osoyoos.

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