Hey, It’s Only Money

Well here we are all settled in our lovely condo in Hilton Head. For those of you who don’t go on Facebook, let me give you the quick recap of our efforts to get here.

We left home on Hallowe’en morning – saving the cost of candy for the little gremlins. We went to Trochu to visit Terry’s aunt and cousins. We left there and stopped at the world famous Torrington Gopher Hole Museum.

There were somewhere around thirty dioramas that have been built over the twenty-one years it has been there. This was my favourite one – check out the small speaking bubble.

Then it was off to Calgary to visit my sister and brother-in-law for a few days.

Saturday morning we left.

When we left it was -15 with a wind chill to -25. When we got to Savannah, Georgia is was a little warmer – just 26 degrees.

Savannah is a beautiful city. It has some lovely old houses and streets.

We passed the house where “Midnight in the Garden of Evil” was filmed but were passed it before we could get a photo. I was surprised how many places Kevin Spacey was mentioned as staying in a B and B or filming a movie or eating or something else. I would have thought he would have been dropped like a hot frying pan.

It also has a great cemetery. Next to the cemetery was a dueling ground. The duellers/duellists would meet the cemetery worker, pick out the plot they wanted, pay for it and have the duel. After the duel, the loser got tossed over the cemetery wall, literally and the winner got a refund. Couple of interesting items – even though there are several thousand people buried in the cemetery, there are only 666 headstones. There is also an area which is a mass grave and when it was dug up at some point there were 666 bodies. Just a little weird.

Entrance to the cemetery.

We went to Vic’s – a highly recommended restaurant and a highly disappointing restaurant. Terry and Cindy had Boullabaise. It was lukewarm at best with over cooked fish and – get this all you gourmands, rice. When the server asked how our dinners were, they told her, she told the manager and she very graciously took 10% or $6.90 each of the bill. How good was that.

Sunday we talk a hop on hop off tour and stopped first at Clary’s for brunch and the the Massie Heritage Center. Clary’s is a Savannah institution. We waited 30 minutes outside, but it was definitely worth the wait. We did see one little vignette. The host came out and called for “Becky for 6” obviously indicating that the table for six was ready. Becky told the woman that her group was on their way, and they were arriving about 25 minutes later. Now I thought that since there were so many people waiting that the table might be given to people who were actually there, including a group of 7 guys, but I guess that’s not how it is done in the south.

The Maissie Heritage Center is a building which was the first public school in Savannah. It was started by a donation of $5000 from Mr Massie for the poor children of Savannah in 1856. It served as a public school until 1974. The first class and I mean class since they were all in one room, consisted of 150 students, ages 6 to 20. They were all taught together, because “Nobody knew anything so they were all starting from the same point.” Today it holds a replica of the original classroom, an exhibition of various types of architecture, a brief 10000 year history of Native Americans (Can they really be Native if the map shows where in Asia they came from?), the history of the restoration of Savannah, an interactive explanation of how the grid/ward system in Savannah and a fascinating look at the incredible port facilities of Savannah.

And just before we leave Savannah, I’m not saying it is quite a clean city but…

From there we drove the 45 miles or so to Hilton Head to check into a wonderful condo resort.

Monday was a lounging around the pool day followed by a terrific lunch at Hudson’s, on the Atlantic Coastal Way. Gary had a bucket of oysters. They couldn’t say how many were actually in the bucket since there were somewhere between 10 and 15 clumps of them.

Terry and Cindy were going to share an order of shrimp tacos and a Caesar salad, but there was a little confusion and the salad didn’t arrive so the server says “Sorry for the confusion – I’ll take the tacos off the bill.” Then when the bill came, they had forgotten to put one my beer and when I pointed that out, the manager says “Thanks for being honest, it’s on me.” Vic’s could take several lessons in customer service.

Today we were off to Harbour Town Golf Links. This is where the RBC Heritage Classic is held every year, the week after The Masters. It is not cheap, but since we are here, we figured it wasn’t to be missed. Please sit down while you read the following. Green fees are $220US (each) Then there is a 7.5% tax of $16.50. ($236.50) Then there is $30 per person charge for the compulsory fore caddie ($266.50) Then there is the $2.50 toll highway charge ($269.00) Then there is the $6.00 charge to drive through the private community to get to the golf course. Total = $275.00US. They do give you a bottle of water each though. I have mixed feelings though. Terry couldn’t play since her shoulder is still bothering her so that was bad. However, we did save the $266.50 and they let her chip and putt on each hole for free. Still and all it was a lot of fun and I think we are all glad we did it. For the golfers out there – 6253 yards, Rating 71.4, Slope 136 I shot a 91 with two triples and two doubles, so I was pleased.

Our fore caddie Ryan. Great guy and very helpful with yardage, reading putts and finding directionally challenged balls, but not such a great photographer. Our clubs actually have heads and not just shafts.

This is the view from the white tees on the 18th

And this is the view from the back tees. 7099 yards (an average of 60 yards longer per hole), Rating 71.6, Slope 148

I’m not sure where we play next, but it definitely won’t cost anywhere near as much. We all agreed that while it was great and we are glad we did it, there are better courses out there for less money. It was pristine though.

Well that’s it for now. Sadly no good shoes in Georgia or South Carolina.

8 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Only Money

  1. Bruce

    Georgia is such a friendly state. The folks we met there were wonderful! Sounds like you are again having fun.

  2. Lee Barter


    Kathleen and I played golf in Hilton Head and really liked Old South Golf Links, Hilton Head Country Club and Palmetto Dunes.

    Lee Barter

  3. Lois & Robert Marsden

    Once in a lifetime to pay that kind of money in US DOLLARS to play golf. OMG. What bank did you rob? Fun memory. When we were in Dominican Republic we had to have a full caddy EACH but they were very helpful and we were glad to have them.

  4. Joan

    Sounds like a great holiday. Terry I was thinking of you today while shopping, I miss our trips downtown!!!!


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